It’s finally the last night of Hanukkah. The level of celebration has reached its max potential, and so has your motivation to put any sort of effort into your look. Don’t freak out—it’s totally fine—a week of non-stop family parties and morning-after bloody marys will do that to a girl. But don’t blame yourself for your closet full of clothes that has nothing in it for you to wear (amen) or your mane that seems to have a mind of its own all of the sudden. Blame the stress and pamper yourself a bit. You won’t have another excuse until New Year’s Eve, and one week is one week without indulgence too long for us. So get to pampering before the celebration begins and your hair wins the battle. Never back down, never break down. The holidays don’t have time for that.


The ATL may not have your typical December weather to get you in the Hanukkah spirit—Save for a few ice storms… remember those? Still trying to forget?—but Atlanta sure knows how to get you dolled up for day eight of the holiday. Introducing GlowDry and Woo Skincare and Cosmetics: The answers to your primping prayers. Blowout your tresses—wash included, phew—at GlowDry for a bouncy look that’s sure to create some hair envy, then head over to its Buckhead neighbor, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics, for the finishing touches. Read: Makeup, lashes, full-on wax, or facial if you feel you deserve one. You do. And so do all the other ladies in your life… *Insert reminder to pick up last minute Hanukkah gift cards* You’re welcome. We know your mom is already covered.

Giftbar_Hanukkah_Blog_Gift_Cards01   Giftbar_Hanukkah_Blog_Gift_Cards02


Hair + makeup = done. Night eight dress = dun dun dun. Keep it in the neighborhood and hit up Buckhead women’s designer boutique, Morgan Kylee. for style worth celebrating. We’re obsessed with the Katie Jumpsuit from Hunter Bell for the girl who isn’t afraid of some major statement-making (more like -screaming). But if you prefer a comfy-chic look that leaves you a little more room for an expanding waistline (thanks, holiday food) while still showing off the gams, opt for the Marc Sweatshirt Dress from CARDIGAN by Lynne Hiriak. Equally stylish. Equally splurge-worthy.

Giftbar_Hanukkah_Blog_Gift_Cards03  Giftbar_Hanukkah_Blog_Gift_Cards04

Well, that was a whirl.

And literally right down the road, you’ll find the perfect ‘day one of recuperation’ outfit at w.port. We mean, could this look be any more perfect for one last family brunch followed by a day of travel back to normalcy? Not possible. Roomy boyfriend jeans, cozy turtleneck and puffer vest to keep you warm on the flight, scarf to double as a pillow on the flight, a bag big enough to hold your travel essentials (and all of those holiday gift cards), and aviators to hide those tired eyes behind… We couldn’t have styled it better ourselves. Bowing down to you, w.port.  


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