Shopping for hubby can be stressful. He might not be too forthcoming about anything he wants or even needs. That leaves you stuck guessing on a gift that seems lackluster especially for a person you care for so much.

Gift cards can sometimes feel like the easy way out of gift-giving… especially if you’re running to your local drug store or big box chain and pulling something off their rack of gift cards. That pretty much says, “I put no thought into this gift.”

Gift card giving doesn’t need to be a cop-out, though, and some of the best gift cards can be just as thoughtful as any other kind of gift. The important thing is to make it meaningful.

Need some help selecting the perfect gift card for your husband (or anyone else in your life). Check out these tips:

  • Select a gift card that is in line with the tastes’ of the recipient
  • Make sure the amount is practical
  • Choose a delivery method most convenient for the recipient
  • Ensure there is no expiration date or if there is one, it’s clearly labeled

Still need some specific suggestions for an awesome gift card for your husband? Take a look at some of these Giftbar merchants.

Apartment Number 9 (Chicago, IL)
Does your husband tend to be trendy? Apartment Number 9 will keep him in high style looks. One of the best features of this store is the staff. They are extremely knowledge about helping put together the best looking outfits… if that’s what your husband wants. If not, they’ll let him look on his own. Brands featured here include Raleigh Denim, Rag & Bone and Band of Outsiders.

Genuine Motorworks (Brooklyn, NY)
For the husband who’s a bit more rugged (or imagines himself as his generation’s James Dean), give him a gift card to Genuine Motorworks. The focus in this Brooklyn store is American made products that signify quality and integrity and most importantly are made to last. Your man will find plenty of rugged clothing, boots and the perfect accessories here.

Q Clothier (Dallas, TX)
If your husband is well dressed and prefers custom fitted clothing over items off the rack, he’ll fit right in at Dallas’s Q Clothier. The style experts at this boutique will help your hubby get a custom-made suit that will incorporate his own style. The brands carried here include Moore & Giles, Dormeuil and Scarpe di Bianco.

Giftbar of Choice
Just not sure which merchant to select for your husband? Opt for the Giftbar of Choice gift card. It offers him the maximum amount of flexibility, because he can choose whichever Giftbar merchant he most wants shop at.

An awesome husband gift card gift is completely possible when you keep in mind our tips for gift card success:

  • keep with the recipient’s interests
  • select a usable amount
  • choose an efficient delivery method
  • make sure the expiration date (if applicable) is clearly visible

It also doesn’t hurt to make sure your gift card is to one of Giftbar’s carefully curated merchants!

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