Brothers. They sometimes smell, can often be annoying and they know the exact thing to do that will REALLY get under your skin and drive you just crazy. Despite all of these ‘faults’, you still love your brother to death and know he’s always got your back.

When your bro’s birthday rolls around, you may not go all out and do something extravagant for him. Still, you want to get him an awesome birthday present you know he’ll get some use out of.

Consider a gift card for your brother’s next birthday. It will give him flexibility and depending on where you get it from, a gift card can be just as personalized as any other gift you spend time picking out. Take a look at these suggestions for awesome personalized gift card ideas for your brother.

Meyvn (Chicago, IL)
This shop opened in early 2014, but it’s already known for a unique collection of products sure to please any man. Your brother doesn’t have to be super trendy to shop here either. The apparel and accessories offered in this shop cover all the bases from a more laid back guy to the sophisticated gent. Meyvn carries leather, denim, books and even art.

Meru Coffee Farms
If you know your brother cannot start his day without first having a cup of joe, give him a coffee worthy of waking up for. Meru coffee is both environmentally sound and socially responsible.

This coffee was first discovered in 2010 when founder, Oliver M. Kramer, completed a successful climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since then, Kramer and his friend, Baba, have been bringing this coffee to the USA for all coffee connoisseur’s to enjoy.

Fish & Bone (Boston, MA)
Does your brother have a pooch he simply adores? Then treat him to a gift card at Fish & Bone. Even though you’re really treating his dog, he probably loves his pup so much that a treat for the dog is a treat for him.

This doggy boutique features a wide assortment of dog foods and treats as well as a HUGE selection of matching leashes and collars. Brands featured here include The Dog Park, These Creatures and Stella and Chewy’s.

Sterling & Burke (Washington, DC)
For the brother focused on his career, give him a gift card to Sterling & Burke. This shop is high-class all the way, so your bro is sure to find something to add a bit more sophistication to his look. Whether he’s looking for personalized accessories, leather bound notebooks or a classic briefcase, it’s all available here. The brands carried in this shop include Sterling & Burke Ltd., Charing Cross, Korchmar and Daines and Hathaway.

The next time you need a gift for your brother, consider a gift card to any one of these carefully curated Giftbar merchants. You’ll be able to find a merchant that meets the exact tastes of your brother, and he’s sure to find a gift he just loves. It’s a win-win and maybe it will get him to stop teasing you… at least for a little bit.

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