Bottomless champagne, a sparkly dress, an endless night of dancing, and an achy breaky body the next morning. Now that’s the definition of a pretty fabulous New Year’s Eve bash. Or any other Friday night… Just kidding. Why would we ever leave our beds after a long week at the office? But in all seriousness and stylishness, New Year’s Eve is probably a girl’s best excuse during the year to get completely decked out from head to toe in every type of sparkle.

Isn’t it crazy that such a glamorous, celebratory holiday could come just a week after a holiday that—more often than not—includes someone deliberately dressed in an ugly sweater? Just keep pushing through, and you’ll get to New Year’s soon. Just make sure to keep Uncle Jerry and his reindeer sweater at the back of the annual family Christmas photo, and you’ll have visions of sparkles dancing in your head. Now… What to wear?


When else can you wear a party dress with a beaded neckline, a deep V back (also finished with vintage-inspired beading), and a shimmering flared skirt? Probably not on any of the other 364 days of the year, unless you’re planning to upstage a wedding. This Cynthia Vincent Party dress from Trillium screams “tipsy dancing until midnight followed with a kiss.” Or at least we like to think so. As for the bag, go with your favorite Clare V. Foldover Black Nubuck Clutch. It won’t clash with your frock and it’s Clare V. Duh.


Winifred Grace

One thing’s for sure, you definitely won’t need a necklace. You should amp up the sparkle a little bit more, though. The Long Stick Earrings from Chicago-based jewelry designer Winifred Grace are on-trend and certainly sparkle, but they’re simple enough to keep the whole “really overdoing it” thing to a minimum. The goal is to balance flashy with classy, and these earrings will certainly get you there.


Abeille Beauty

All you have left to do before heading out to the bars is hair and makeup, arguably the most important part of the primping process. Why? Can you say camera flashes from all directions? At Abeille Beauty salon, you can opt for an elegant updo (to show off those earrings) or go for voluminous curls that you can whip back and forth all night long (just be careful not to topple over wearing those stilettos with champagne legs). Either ‘do would look flawless with the entire look, especially paired with lashes, a bold lip, and a sexy smize.


Le Remède

In French, the remedy. In English, the hangover cure. Sure your four lattes, two bloody marys, and aspirin are helping a tiny bit, but you boogied and boozed all night long… Time to seriously detox. At Le Remède, you can indulge in a (necessary) steam detox, a cleansing facial, and an organic airbrush tan for an extra treat. Reality check: It will still be a few months until you see the sun again.


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