Sun’s out, fun’s out… And you’re ready to shut down, pack up, and lie down. For hours. On the beach. With a book and no interruptions. Well, except for the ice cream truck if it happens to stop nearby. (We know you know it does).

Before you head off to some tropical island, top-secret resort, or to the beach behind your house (how did you get so lucky?), you need to get fully beach-ready. That means: bikini, towel, sun protection, and a tan—fake of course. Bonus points for a kick-ass pair of sunnies and a hat that rivals the size of your beach neighbor’s umbrella.

The best way to prepare? Stock up on some local gift cards to all of your favorite L.A. boutiques and salons and treat yourself to a pre-vaca shopping staycation. Because why not?

Check List

1. Swimsuit

Your first must-have, of course, is a bathing suit. You’ve been religiously attending spin class, and you didn’t suffer through that juice cleanse for no reason… So we think you deserve to show off that smokin’ hot bod!

We’re simply in love with the Miriti Amazonas one piece from Lenceria boutique. The thoughtfully placed striped pattern on the front gives the illusion of a teeny-tiny waist (which means you can drink that mojito with brunch), while the super sultry low-V, mesh-covered back shows off those Pilates-toned obliques. Plus, just throw on a high-waisted maxi skirt, and you’ll be dinner-ready straight from the sand.


2. Towel

No towel boy needed, because you would never sacrifice your soft, absorbent, and gorgeously designed towel from Tide and Pool. With a local gift card for these beachy necessities, you can guiltlessly splurge on a towel that can follow you on all your summer adventures. Beautiful material, bold design, and relaxation: Guaranteed.


3. Sun Protection

If there’s anything more important than a suit and towel (new J.T. song idea?), it’s the sunscreen. We know you apply it every morning before leaving the house anyway—right?—but when you’re planning to spend the entire day in the sun, it’s absolutely essential to keep your healthy, glowy skin.

Our faves? Suntegrity’s sunscreen for face and body, and Hurraw’s sun protection lip balm. And since you can buy them at The Detox Market with your gift cards, you know they’re non-toxic and of superior quality. Just like that virgin mimosa (orange juice) you’ll be sipping on.


4. Fake Bake

Of course, the point of the sunscreen is protection from the sun. So while you may get a little bit of a post-beach glow, we doubt you’ll be as bronzed as you’d like. The solution: Head to Queen Bee Salon in Culver City with your spa gift card for a pre-vaca spray tan that’ll look perfect with your suit… and topped with a coat of sunblock.

We’re not kidding. Stay healthy, ladies!


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