It can sometimes be intimidating to shop for the health nut, especially if you have been known to indulge in fast food from time to time and skip more than a couple workouts.

Don’t get frazzled the next time you need a gift for the health nut. Get a Giftbar gift card. They’re always a crowd pleaser and there are plenty of spa and boutique options for even the most stringent health nut.

Acchaa (Chicago, IL)
If you’re looking to give a gift to help the recipient restore her mind, body and spirit, Acchaa has a solution. Acchaa, which means “goodness” in Hindu, is a beauty and wellness spa that serves as an Eastern sanctuary. In addition to the traditional manicure, Acchaa also offers revitalizing facials and full body massages.

The Detox Market (Los Angeles, CA)
A gift card to the Detox Market can help anyone (including the health nut) be their healthiest self starting from the inside. All the products sold in this L.A. shop are good for you and good for the planet. Everything in this store has been rigorously tested (that’s hundreds of products that are GOOD for your body). Some of the products and brands carried here include VitaCare, Lotus Wei and Kusmi Tea.

Chocovivo (Los Angeles, CA)
Who said chocolate can’t be good for you? Certainly not any health nut that receives a gift card to Los Angeles’s Chocovivo. This is artisanal chocolate at it’s best. Each bar is made from chocolate that has been stone ground with lava rocks, which is exactly how chocolate was made over 2,000 years ago!

Follain (Nantucket, MA)
Can you be a health nut and a beauty junkie? With Follain, the answer is an absolute yes. All of the products sold in this Boston Boutique are clean, pure and eco-friendly. All of the beauty, hair and skin care products sold here are manufactured in the United States and are free of synthetic chemicals. Not only does this help keep the earth healthier, but it’s much better for you and the lucky recipient of a Follain gift card.

Giftbar of Choice
If you’re really undecided about which amazing Giftbar merchant to get a gift card from, let the health nut choose! It’s easy when you give the Giftbar of Choice. This allows her to shop at any one of Giftbar’s merchants. If she wants a spa day that’s possible. So are new clothes for yoga class and so many other amazing things for the health-minded person.

When you’re shopping for the health nut, you don’t have to limit yourself to health food stores and vitamin shops. When you shop with Giftbar, you’ll find a variety of local merchants offering the perfect collection of items and services for anyone who’s conscience about their health.

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