When a new baby hits the scene, there can be a lot of attention paid to the new baby (well, duh!) and mommy. Don’t forget daddy! After all, he is a VERY important part of the baby equation.

Need a little help finding a gift for that new dad. Here are a few ideas.

Daddy diaper bag
These days, diapers bags are not just for mom anymore. Daddies carry diaper bags, too, but absent from dad’s are all those pastel colors and floral patterns. Instead, you can choose a manly diaper back pack or diaper messenger bag. This way dad doesn’t have to compromise his own style (or masculinity) but he’s still got all those baby necessities at arm’s length.

Baby sports apparel
Is the new dad a HUGE sports nut? Does he have a favorite sport for every season and a favorite team for every sport? Then get his new bundle of joy some team apparel (and why not a matching jersey for dad, too). This way daddy and baby can watch the game together with equal team spirit.

A new camera
Even if the new father doesn’t think so now, he’s bound to be a shutterbug around his new baby. A new camera makes for a great gift for the new dad. It’s a new toy for him to play with AND it also captures all of those amazing new baby moments. Depending on how tech savvy he is, you may want to give this gift in advance of baby’s arrival.

Sporting equipment
If the new daddy spends a lot of time outdoors biking, hiking, golfing, etc. then get him and his new babe outfitted in all the right equipment to enjoy these activities together. Get dad a baby seat for his bike, or a mini golf club set or even a sturdy baby carrier to take on hikes. This way when dad enjoys the great outdoors, he can share his passion with baby in tow.

If gift cards are more you thing when gift giving, Giftbar has a number of fantastic merchants to choose from for a new father. Here’s some favorite ideas:

KH Photography (Chicago, IL)
Give the new dad a break from taking all the baby pictures (and even give him the chance to be in a few of the photos). The gift of a photo session with KH Photography will quite literally capture precious moments that you can have forever.

Norman & Jules (Brooklyn, NY)
Get dad and baby toy shopping early with a gift card to Norman & Jules. Dad will love that all the toys are made by local craftsman. He’ll have as much fun playing with these as his new baby will. Brands carried in this shop include Tegu, Molin Roty and Grimm’s.

Jack Schwartz Importer (Chicago, IL)
Go old school and gift the new father a gift card for a fine cigar… to celebrate the birth of his little one, of course! This shop has been in business for over 90 years and has a lot of history. Even Winston Churchill is said to have trusted the imported cigars from this store!

Artists Frame Service (Chicago, IL)
Dad’s certain to be snapping a lot of pictures of his little bundle. Get him a gift card to this framing service. Here, they treat all photographs like a piece of artwork with their custom picture framing.

Whether your looking to buy a new dad a gift or present him with a gift card, this list has you covered with plenty of good ideas. Get shopping now, so daddy can both enjoy AND use your gift right away!

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