Got a friend or acquaintance who’s changing addresses? If so, you can probably expect to be invited to a housewarming party. The catch. What do you bring as gift? Regardless of whether or not your friend (or co-worker, cousin, etc.) is moving into a new home, condo or apartment, some gift ideas are better than others.

Here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind when shopping for a housewarming gift:

  • Try and steer away from ‘safe’ gifts like candles, picture frames or barware. Because these gifts are safe, the new homeowner is probably going to receive a fair amount of them.
  • Don’t purchase home decor items unless you know the homeowner (and his style and tastes) very well.
  • Practical and special gifts are ideal. Think of splurge items. What would you love to have in your own home that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself? Chances are that item would make a great housewarming gift.
  • There’s no hard and fast rule on how much to spend. Instead, make your gift (regardless of price) personal and intentional.

Looking for some specific gift ideas for that upcoming housewarming party? Check out some of these items just perfect for welcoming someone into new digs.

Strand Design – Lug Trug Basket (Morlen Sinoway, Chicago, IL)
Strand Design - Lug Trug Basket
Not only is this piece practical (it can be used to store anything from magazines to firewood), but it’s also a conversation starter. That’s because this basket is made from recycled tire rubber. You know this thing is built tough! Gift cards are also available.

Petrified Wood Coaster (Ashblue, Nashville, TN)
Petrified Wood Coaster
Each coaster is a unique, so no two will look a like. Rather than being sold in a set, these coasters are sold individually. They make a great accent in any home and are a perfect housewarming gift because they are useful but probably not the type of thing other people will show up with. You can also give an Ashblue gift card if you’re unsure of the coasters.

Copper Graters (Task, Brooklyn, NY)
copper graters
If the new homeowner also happens to be an amateur chef, get him a kitchen tool with a story. These copper graters are made in Japan. The teeth on each of these palm sized graters is individually carved as they would have been during the Edo period. They’re available in three shapes. Opt for a gift card to Task if the new homeowner doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen.

Jonas Damon’s Wood Tool Set (A + R Venice, CA)
Jonas Damon’s Wood Tool Set
What new homeowner doesn’t need a handy tool set to keep in a kitchen or desk drawer for those unexpected situations when one needs a screwdriver or level. This set (which is completely usable) is constructed of beech wood and contains an LED flashlight, level, ruler and screwdriver with interchangeable bits. Gift cards are also available.

Let Giftbar help you pick out the perfect housewarming gift idea. Whether you want to give a gift or gift card, this list has some practical, yet personal gift ideas sure to please every new homeowner. The best part is all these ideas are completely unique and unlikely to be replicated by anyone else at the party.

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