Whether you forgot a family member’s birthday, an invite to a house warming party, or that your kid was invited to a birthday party, last minute gift shopping can be stressful. Just because you end up buying a gift at the last minute, doesn’t mean you want it to feel last minute.

Here are some tips to help you pick out a great gift the next time you’re in need of a last minute present.

1. Get active
If you need a gift for the person who loves physical activity, buy something that goes a long with this passion. You could gift new exercise clothing or equipment. Another great idea would be a gift card to a new exercise studio or outdoor activity.

2. Keep it local
Local gifting it what Giftbar is all about! When you shop local, you’re much more likely to find unique gifts and also have the opportunity to turn the recipient onto something new. Here are just a few ideas for merchants who keep gifting local.

3. For kids, give them something to do.
There are probably very few parents out there who think there kids don’t have enough toys or other ‘things’ in their lives. So, the next time you need a last minute kid’s gift, rather than giving clothes or toys, give them an experience: whether it’s in the kitchen, painting pottery or even getting crafty at a sewing machine.

4. Giftbar of Choice
Looking for that perfect last minute gift solution? Consider the Giftbar of Choice. It’s so much more than a gift card. The Giftbar of Choice allows the recipient to choose the perfect gift card for them self at any of Giftbar’s fine merchants.

Don’t worry about this gift feeling last minute. It won’t. Immediately the recipient will begin thinking about where to use his gift, not how long ago you purchased it!

Don’t fall into the trap of buying the first (or second thing) you see when you’re searching for a last minute gift idea. Use the tips mentioned in this article for a totally unique and personal gift idea that won’t feel like you just picked it out an hour ago.

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