Unlike overalls, fancy sneakers, and eateries that consider flavored foam to be a satisfying meal (but like T Swift and her James Dean wannabe), cool gift cards never go out of style. And we mean, come on, they’re so easy to gift… How could you not send one to every single person you know? We’re not stopping you (wink).


She has a closet that rivals Carrie’s and a magazine collection that’s probably more extensive than Ms. Wintour’s herself. This lady has such unique style that you wouldn’t dare try to select something for her yourself. Enter: A local gift card to a one-of-a-kind boutique that houses clothes and accessories she wouldn’t be able to find in a department store with six floors, impossible-to-find elevators, and scattered seating that doesn’t make for a fun shopping experience for a girl in heels… and she’s always in heels. Local boutiques don’t have that (phew), but they’ll definitely have tons of new shoes for her to break in.

Good Eats

For the one who prefers her favorite leggings over the latest denim trend — if only because they allow her to eat a bit more at her favorite local restaurant. She may not have an Anthony Bourdain-level palate, but that doesn’t mean your giftee won’t fully appreciate a fancy and delicious meal. Giftbar features unique, gourmet restaurants that she needs to try, so make it a generous gift card, because she’ll be making her next reservation before the dessert comes.


Perhaps she deserves a day of TLC, but you know she would never splurge to treat herself the way you know she should. Call us crazy, but we don’t think she would pass up an afternoon at her favorite local spa getting manicured, massaged, and masked. Especially if she has a gal pal to accompany her… Clear your schedule.

It’s up to her

Not sure what she wants? Or maybe you’re sure she’s way too picky? (We like to call it “selective”). A Giftbar of Choice is a cool gift card that she can use at a local boutique if her closet’s feeling empty; at a treat shop if she’s looking for a sugar fix; at a local home store if she’s feeling inspired after a Sunday HGTV marathon session; and not to mention at the other hundreds of local spots in her city.

And if your giftee chooses to spend the gift card on something that does eventually go out of style… well that’s their problem. Because you, my friend, gave the perfect gift.

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