Sipping a warm latte, cuddling up under the coziest of cozy blankets, and binge-watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls—Team Jess or Team Logan?—with the glimmer of Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background… Now that sounds like a night worth staying in for.

The four main ingredients:
1. Soft candles
2. Warm blanket
3. Yummy candles
4. Bowl-sized mug of coffee (you are watching Gilmore Girls, after all)

The Pillows

Cuddling usually implies the embrace of two people, but some of us like our alone time. In that case, pillows can act like a great snuggle buddy (and as a place to rest your head when you inevitably nod off after a few too many episodes in a row. The I Love Pillow and the Ivory Tibetan Pillow are two of our faves from Clic in New York, because one expresses how we feel (this place = the couch) while the other gives us something soft to literally feel (have you ever seen a cozier throw?). Your eyelids will want to fall, but you’ll combat that with ingredient #4. Stay tuned.
GiftbarBlogStayCozyGiftCardsChristmas01   GiftbarBlogStayCozyGiftCardsChristmas02

The Blanket

Even with wooly socks, an oversized turtleneck pulled up to your nose, and cashmere joggers, it still feels like there’s an ice box where your apartment used to be. Damn you, wood floors and early twentieth century windows. Time to light the fire and grab a blanket. The Allegheny Throw from TENOVERSIX in Los Angeles, to be exact. It goes well with your decor (we’re talking about the pillows… look up), it’s crazy soft, and it does what a blanket’s supposed to do. Imagine that.

The Candle

Sure you have the fire and the Christmas lights, but with candles, it’s all about the ambiance (and the soothing scents). The Hudson Valley Musk Candle—courtesy of Life:Curated in Brooklyn—is the perfect candle for a night in with nothing planned but a Netflix binge. It’s made with an all-natural coconut-based wax and has an unusually slow burning time, meaning it should last you all night, all weekend, and probably all through next weekend. Unless you plan to emerge from under the blankets to finish your Christmas shopping.
Hint: You won’t have to if you just send customized gift cards. Just saying.

The Coffee

Gallons and gallons, please… we have seven seasons to get through before returning to reality. Of course, homemade lattes don’t come with the fancy foam art (unless you want to become your own Pinterest fail meme), but they can look just as perfectly pretty as your café cups when served in a cute mug. The initial mugs from AliKat Boutique in Chicago are adorable, of course, but they’re also big enough for an entire night’s worth of caffeine. And if you’re anything like those Gilmores… that’s a hell of a lot of coffee. Wit on the side, please.

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