Oh, brother. It’s that time of year again when you have to share your title as the favorite child — your bro’s birthday. But as much as you love him, you’re completely stumped on what to get the guy. Enter the Giftbartender.


Dear Giftbartender,

My older brother’s birthday is right around the corner and I have no clue what the guy wants… Men, right? Can you help push me in the right direction?

xoxo, Stumped Sister


Don’t worry, girl. Big brothers seem like the hardest to read, but they’ll be happy with just about any birthday gift card, as long as it’s from the heart. (They really are big softies underneath it all). Just think about his likes, hobbies, and favorite “me time” activities and go from there.

Mr. Suave

If your brother has a closet that rivals yours, or a shoe collection worth more than your first born, gift him a new bespoke suit with a birthday gift card to Duncan Quinn in NYC. Then he can thank you for the gift, and for all the heads he’ll be turning.

Mr. Sports

Baseball, basketball, football, golf… He played them all (and you got dragged to all the games). For the athletic brother, a unique gift card for a kick-ass workout will be right up his alley. BOCO Fit in Boulder will give him the ultimate, all-inclusive workout that’ll keep him strong, get his heart pumping, and definitely kick his ass. Finally… payback!

Mr. Songster

You had to deal with all of his basement band rehearsals and attend all of his gigs, and even though he never got his big break, he’s still wild about music. Speaking of — Wild About Music in Austin has all the music-themed art, decor, apparel, and instruments he could ever dream of. Sounds like perfect harmony.

Mr. Stuff

Maybe your big bro’s more of a collector, bringing home a mug from every new place he travels, or taking pride in his vintage game collection. Get him a birthday gift card to White’s Mercantile in Nashville, and he’ll never get bored perusing this general store.

Mr. Savor

He cooks, he bakes, and boy does he eat. If your brother is a major foodie, send him to urbanCHEF in Houston for some hands-on cooking lessons. He may think he’s ready for his own Food Network show, but we all know men and their egos.

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