The perfect gift cards for your blushing bridesmaids—explained. It’s a new edition of Dear Giftbartender, just in time for the peak of wedding season.

If you’re a bridezilla (in the best way possible) in the midst of stressful cake tastings and dress fittings and venue tours, and you have zero time for bridesmaid gift card shopping—we’ve got you, girl.

Let’s keep this short and sweet so you can get back to your wedding binder.


Show them how much you love them with some serious sparkle from Kimberly Baker Jewelry. Choose a bracelet or a one-of-a-kind ring that you know fits her style perfectly, or give your stylish bridesmaids gift cards so they can pick out something shiny for themselves.



If you don’t think jewelry will be enough—or you know they have enough jewelry already (wait, who are we kidding?)—get your gals a customizable pewter jewelry box from Sterling & Burke. And because we know that as much as you love your hubbie-to-be, you know he forgot to buy his groomsmen gift cards, the D.C. shop also has handsome cuff links that he can gift the guys.



You had your turn at the bachelorette party, so now it’s time for the bridesmaids to have a little fun with their pretty lingerie. A gift card to Brooklyn Fox Lingerie is perfect for those bridesmaids who are still bachelorettes and those with husbands they want to make drool.



A luxurious monogrammed robe from Gramercy in Atlanta can work double time as a bridesmaid gift. She can wear it while getting her hair and makeup done on the big day, and while she spends the entire next day at the hotel spa massaging her sore feet (thanks, dance floor) and trying to cure that pesky hangover (thanks, open bar).


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