While most of us gals are busy making over our bodies for the impending doom of bikini season (you too, fellas—that speedo won’t wear itself), our homes are being neglected in their depressing drabness… It’s #MakeoverMonday in this edition of Dear Giftbartender.

Instead of livening up our living spaces with a summer-y punch of bright color or bold pattern, we give our places the cold shoulder in favor of juice bars and bathing suit shopping. Perhaps we resent the place that kept us locked up all winter long, pacing back and forth in anticipation of a warm front. But we’re not the only ones in need of a major makeover before summer—your home deserves a little bit of summertime pampering too (yesterday was the first day of summer, after all)… even if you’re still holding that grudge.

Here are some easy fixes that we found from resident Austin design experts, Nannie Inez. So remember to squeeze in a home gift card shopping spree between those preparatory Pilates sessions and pedicures.

Stand-Out Accessories

In our wildest design dreams, we could buy a new sofa for every season—after all, our shoe collection seems to change drastically every few months—but for the urbanite, this can be both bank- and back-breaking. (Some of us still don’t have elevators in our buildings… sigh). A quick fix to drastically change the vibe of a room? Use your decor gift card to buy accent pillows, patterned throws, and knick-knacks galore! These affordable, on-trend, and eye-catching accessories will give your space that spring forward you’ve been craving.



Fresh (or fake… shh!) Florals

Nothing says, “I’m ready for summer!” like a blossoming bouquet of your favorite flowers. The color adds that needed pop to any room. But some of us, well, simply can’t be trusted to care for living things. No worries, ladies, there’s an easier way to achieve that summertime freshness. For the more time-starved homeowner with a gift card she needs to spend, a floral scented candle can refresh a space that still reeks of winter. They may not look a pretty as real blooms, but for the gardening-challenged, our flowers never really look great anyway.

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