Wedding season is right around the corner (if it hasn’t already started for some of you), and you’re sick of sticking to the registry. Who likes getting practical gifts anyway?

Sure the soon-to-be newlyweds think they need that chrome 5-speed blender now, but give them a few weeks post-honeymoon and they’ll be back to getting their smoothies from the overpriced juice bar around the corner like the rest of us.

So what’s a unique way to make your wedding gift cards stand out from the rest (and not end up on the worst wedding gifts list)? Go traditional… but with a twist, of course. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something this bride and groom can actually enjoy. Not that they won’t go crazy for that sterling silver ice bucket…

Something Old – Meringue

If this stunning bride wants the look of her grandmother’s wedding dress (but the gown is really showing its age), a wedding gift card to Meringue will give her the gorgeous vintage style she loves. Whether it’s tulle, delicate lace, or a one-of-a-kind blush design she covets, she’s going to absolutely stun on her walk down the aisle. We’re already tearing up. Where are the tissues?!


Something New – Tide & Pool

For the honeymoon. Remind this gorgeous couple that the best is yet to come… in the form of a luxurious, ocean-view suite on a faraway island. We’re not suggesting you foot the bill for the trip (well, unless you’re really generous), but the stylish and extreeemely soft towels from TIDE & POOL will get them in the mood for post-wedding-craziness relaxation and bottomless Mai Tais.


Something Borrowed – Visions Event Studio

Save the day with a wedding gift card that will totally ease the minds of this bride and groom. With Visions Event Studio, they can borrow the expertise of wedding planner and visionaire, Jenée Allan, to ensure their venue, photography, flowers, rings (and everything else), are just as stunning as the couple themselves. Way better than a set of monogrammed hand towels, right?


Something Blue – Charm and Chain

Make her something blue something breathtaking with a bridal gift card to Charm and Chain. From gorgeous (and ridiculously sparkly) blue earrings, to accents rings that won’t distract from her brand-new rock, her something blue will be taken care of. Plus, she can show them off post-wedding… Unlike the blue garter she was planning.


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