Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-luxe holiday decorations. They’re what we’re all after—you know, the decorations that say “season’s greetings” without screaming it from the rooftops. We don’t want to get trampled by Santa’s sleigh now do we?

The best holiday decorations are those that look just as glamorous in your snow-covered home in the winter as they do in the summer, surrounded by fresh florals. Of course, you’ll need to bring out the tree or the menorah when the time comes (like… the night before), but we’re all about the atmosphere—like a crackling fire, a classic holiday movie playing, and the smell of fresh baked cookies—doing the extra decorating beyond what you already have displayed around the house. So invest in elegant decorations that you’ll never want to stow away in a corner of your basement, that way you’ll never need to write “take down all of these gaudy holiday knickknacks” on your calendar again. You can thank us later.

The Golden Ticket

While these decorative boxes from Atlanta Home boutique, Gramercy, aren’t exactly made for the season, they’re too chic to pass up.  They’re elegant, stylish, and statement-making brass boxes that you can leave out all year long (if only for the inevitable compliments). Plus, we all know gold is the best holiday color. We mean, hello, it’s undeniably chic and completely unbiased—it works for every holiday from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. They also kind of look like a stack of gifts, right? We’re going with it.


Leaf It There

Speaking of gold, can you get enough? We didn’t think so. We love this gold, maple leaf-shaped dish from Giftbar’s DC merchant, Dalton Brody, because it’s beautiful, and we just love picturing it on an elegantly decorated dinner table surrounded by candles and—dare we say it—gold rimmed china. Talk about a fancy dinner party. We suggest Instagramming the setup before the eating begins, though. No one likes to ruin a perfectly good (and filtered) photo with a plate full of ham… regardless of how pretty that plate may be.


Snowshoes You’ll Actually Wear

Because you don’t actually have to wear them. Get it? Because they’re stitched onto a pillow? The Chandler Snowshoe pillow from Seagrass Home in Chicago is the perfect solution to tasteful holiday decorating because it’s less tacky, more kitschy. And really soft. Like, really soft. The pillow may not work with your home’s summer decor, per se, but you’ll want to keep it out all year anyway. Did we mention it’s soft?


You’ve Been Framed

The holidays are the one time a year you actually remember to pull out that really expensive DSLR camera you “needed” all those years ago, so put those pro photos to good use. First, add a Christmas gift card to Chicago’s Artists Frame Service to you wish list. Second, give that memory card a workout. Then have the photos printed and framed for all to see. Maybe you’ll be inspired to play photographer more often. If only for the frames.  


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