Sure Thanksgiving just ended and it’s still technically fall, but we think it’s time to start thinking about Hanukkah. It’s never too soon. Without going overboard with thousands of menorahs scattered around the house and dreidels thrown on every surface, it can be hard to think of creative ways to deck out the house in Hanukkah style. The best way: Stick with Hanukkah colors—silver and blue—and opt for an updated, modern menorah. You won’t even have to worry about taking down the decorations. They’ll look great in January, February, March, April… you get it.

Sawbridge Studios

For a stylish take on the menorah. It’s a Hanukkah staple, of course, and while your great grandmother’s menorah that has been passed down generation to generation is a must-decorate, invest in a decorative version to put on display simply as eye candy. The Crystal Crescent Menorah from Sawbridge Studios in Chicago is simple, sleek, elegant, and shimmery. What more could you need from your holiday decor? Besides an extra pair of hands to help with the party setup.


Art Effect

For a sprinkle of scents-ibility. If you want to show your Hanukkah spirit without being overly holiday-y, try playing with the other senses in your home decor. Sure blue and silver are Hanukkah colors, but if they don’t exactly mesh with your home aesthetics, opt for spirited scents. The Demi Marnie Glass Balsam & Cedar Candle from Art Effect comes in a sparkling, textured gold container and smells of delicious cedar wood with a hint of cinnamon. Oh, and evergreen just so happens to be a traditional symbol of Hanukkah. Coincidence? We think not.



For a hint of blue. Begin adding touches of blue to your decor with accessories accented with the eye-catching color. And to make the investment worthwhile, splurge on a piece that you’ll actually use, like the One Of A Kind Turquoise Board from Giftbar Chicago merchant, Citywoods. We know, we know… Turquoise isn’t exactly the traditional Hanukkah blue, but can’t you just make this one exception? This cutting board is just too pretty to pass up. Almost too pretty to even use for food preparation. Oh well, it’s a great kitchen decoration whether or not you decide to actually put it to use.


Interior Define

For all the blue. Easy decorating comes in many forms, but our personal favorite—obviously—is the throw pillow. First of all, they come in such a wide variety of styles. Secondly, they can add personality to a room in an instant. Literally all you have to do is throw them onto the couch and you’ve completely revamped your living room decor for the holidays. Interior Define has tons of shades (not quite 50) of blue throw pillows that, when added to your white or gray sofa, instantly add a touch of Hanukkah spirit. Finish the room with silver accessories and your new menorah, and you have decor that can take you into the new year without the guilt of not de-decorating. It’s simply impossible to do when you’re in a food coma. So make it easy on yourself and decorate for the holidays every day. Your secret’s safe with us.  GiftbarBlogPostHanukkahDecorGiftCards05

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