When it comes to gift wrapping, there are those of us who can make a gift look so pretty that you’d really rather not ruin the fancy facade to see what’s inside… and then there are those of us who spend more money at a store’s gift wrapping station than we do on the actual gift. Guilty as charged.

Of course, with Giftbar, wrapping your carefully selected gift is easy — just choose from our selection of elegant, bold, or adorable wrappings, add your favorite pic, and voila! The gift is wrapped and instantly ready to be spent. But that’s when it’s for a friend or loved one who appreciates a stylish twist on gift cards. For those giftees who, well, tend to give you a hard time for loving convenience (we’re totally with you), you’ll want to go the extra EXTRA mile with your wrapping. If only to shut them up once and for all.


When you’re used to simply clicking a button to beautify your gift card, putting in the slight bit of crafty effort seems like a nightmare covered in glitter… literally. So if you’re the type to stick to digital wrappings, use your expertise as a gift giver and snazzy up your gift card with a little extra something. Purchased, not made.

When sending a wedding gift card for engagement photos to your bride-to-be bestie, amp up the wrapping by printing the Giftbar gift card at home for hand delivery, and delivering the gift card in beautiful frame the couple can then use post photo shoot. Or, say your coworker could use a pick-me-up after that brutal meeting. Print a gift card for their favorite coffee spot and sneak it onto their desk complete with a mug and a nip of Irish cream. They’ll need it.

Give It A Shot

If you have a Pinterest account and are willing to risk a minor paper cut, these DIY options are for you. All you need to do add some pizzazz to your printed gift card is add an intricately crafted bow. Try this easy-peasy DIY for a bright, bold bow topper that will take you less than five minutes to perfect — promise. Or go the old-fashioned route and tie actual ribbon around the gift card. We found this tutorial that will show you how to get a seamless (and tape-less) look.


Ok, Martha Stewart, we get it. You always take your gift card wrapping to the next level… even when the next level doesn’t exist yet. Well, the biggest thing in gift wrapping (according to our Instagram feed) seems to be brown paper. That’s right, it’s not just for UPS packages anymore. The best part about using brown paper — as either an envelope for your gift card, or as wrapping for a gift card box — is the versatility. From chalk sketches, to tape designs, to string and twine galore, there are so many ways to customize and prettify brown paper wrapping, that you’ll never have to recycle old gift wrap ideas. What you can recycle? The brown paper.

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