And delivered by manicured hand. When you’re not in the mood for giving a digital gift card (meaning your inner Martha Stewart is peeking out), an arts and crafts session is just what the crafting guru orders.

And as they always say, first impressions last, so even though you know she’s going to love the gift card to her favorite local boutique that’s inside, the envelope really sets the mood.

So make like Richard Simmons and jazz it up with these DIY tips, ladies.


Use personalized address or return address stamps to break from the mold (and to distract from your terrible handwriting). Or if you’re delivering via hand instead of waiting for the postman, stamp on a fancy “To” and “From” you know, in case she couldn’t tell by the flawless design that it was from you.


That’s Write

And if you are a master of calligraphy (please teach us your ways), stay away from the office pen, and grab something a little less drab. Opt for metallic markers or gel pens for a major upgrade that’s just as pretty as the gift card wrapped inside.


Tied Game

For the final, final touch, wrap it all up with your favorite color twine. Sure the envelope’s sealed and the gift card isn’t going to fall out no matter which way you shake it, but a little extra decoration on a gift never hurt anyone, has it?


Pro tip: All of theses gorgeous gift card envelope accessories can be found on one of our fave Etsy shops, paperpastries. Seriously, her stationery kits are so sweet you may mistake them for your favorite pastries.

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