Don’t you just love to surprise the special people in your life? Especially those who stick by you through thick and thin (and see you pre-makeup).

If you’ve been thinking about surprising your boyfriend with a little something special, why not opt for an emailable gift card? You can surprise him in his inbox in the middle of the day… maybe right at the moment where he needs a little pick me up.

Here’s some ideas for great emailable gift cards to send your boyfriend right now!

Respice (Miami, FL)
If you and your boyfriend are avid travelers, he’ll really appreciate a gift card to Miami’s Respice. He’ll find accessories and other items from all over the world. Who knows, something your boyfriend buys here could inspire you next big travel adventure.

Trunk Club (New York, NY)
Does your boyfriend want to look good but can’t be bothered with the fuss of heading out to the stores? Trunk Club is for him. The premise is very simple. A stylist your boyfriend never has to meet in person, sends him a box of clothing that is picked out specifically for him. Trunk Club will even include shoes and other accessories.

Chicago Sup (Chicago, IL)
If your boyfriend is an adventure seeker, consider a gift card to Chicago Sup. This water adventure combines surfing and kayaking. He’ll be able to experience Chicago’s beauty from the water in a way he probably never thought possible.

Sherman Pickey (Washington, DC)
For the prepster boyfriend, give him a gift card to Sherman Pickey. Your guy will be able to find bright and colorful shirts and ties to bring out his fun-loving style. If he’s got a pet, he can bring him along. This D.C. shop keeps Fido entertained with dog treats while his owner shops.

Giftbar of Choice
Want to surprise your guy with an emailable gift card, but don’t know which amazing Giftbar merchant to choose? Why not opt for the Giftbar of Choice? With this he can decide the best gift for him. Whether he wants new clothing, accessories, something for his apartment or house or even a manicure, he’ll find it at Giftbar.

To instantly brighten your boyfriend’s day, surprise him with an emailable gift card. After all, who deserves a surprise in their inbox more than your doting and loving guy? No one. Go ahead, send him a Giftbar gift card now.

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