You’ve likely got at least one close girlfriend who’s very into her career at the moment. When it’s time to buy her a gift (regardless of the occasion), consider an emailable gift card. Considering she’s always glued to her mobile device, she’s sure to spot your gift in her inbox right away!

Need some suggestions for sophisticated and classy gift card ideas for the career girl? Read on for great ideas!

Tibi (New York, NY)
Perfect for the career girl, NYC’s Tibi features clothing that isn’t overly adorned or too flashy. It’s stylish for sure, but each season only the cleanest and most polished pieces are selected for this boutique. Tibi knows just what women want to wear: relaxed, yet chic clothing, because it’s perfect for work and play.

Madison (Los Angeles, CA)
The secret to Madison’s success is that it carries a wide selection of designers: from up-and-coming to established brands. This makes Madison the perfect spot for a career girl to shop. She’ll find sophisticated pieces to wear to the office and trendier items for the weekend. The brands featured in this boutique include Pedro Garcia, Stella McCartney and Steven by Steve Madden.

Serenella (Boston, MA)
Only the best in American and European fashion is selected to adorn this Boston boutique. Serenella has been in business for over 30 years, providing their clientele with timeless fashion pieces. The career girl will walk out of this store with clothing that will make her feel ready to appear in the next issue of Vogue… or at least be the envy of all her friends.

Sherman Pickey (Washington, DC)
If you’re shopping for a career girl who is also a bit of a prepster, she needs a gift card to Sherman Pickey. Bright, bold patterns are in abundance here, but that doesn’t mean the clothing isn’t sophisticated. Clean-lined shift dresses and a-line skirts are perfect for the office (or a polo tournament, if she attends those sort of events). The career girl just needs to add a pearl necklace and pearl earrings to finish the look.

Underthings (Chicago, IL)
A lot of attention has been paid to the kinds of clothing boutiques a career girl might like to shop at, but don’t forget the undergarments. After all, those foundation pieces are key to making sure whatever she wears on top looks its best. The brands carried in this shop include Honeydew, Cosabella and Hanro.

When giving a gift to the career girl, it’s best to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. A gift card to one of these stylish Giftbar merchants will allow her to pick out something new to wear to the office… or out on the town, when she finally decides to break away from her desk. Either way, you can’t miss with a gift she receives in her inbox AND allows her to pick that exact something she’s been wanting.

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