It’s time to finally make that trip across the bridge to the birthplace of the hipster and the home of those Girls you love to hate-watch with a box of takeout and a bottle of wine. Yeah we’re out that Brooklyn

Whether you know it as the largest of the five boroughs, Coney Island, or where the Nets shoot hoops, Brooklyn is a hub for culture and style. You’ve been up and down the streets of Manhattan, so spread your wings and explore what’s across the bridge the next time you’re taking a bite of the Big Apple.

You can thank us later for planning your entire trip. Just use this local gift card guide, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling like a tried and true Brooklyn babe. Craft brews and skinny jeans: Not included.


For the quintessential Brooklynite look. Easy, laid-back, ahead of the trend and heavy on the denim, please. Courtshop is your new favorite shop, stocked with everything from on-trend overalls, so-soft denim shirtdresses, and dainty baubles to finish it off. So ditch the all black, stilettoed look and put your clothing gift card to work. You’re not on the Upper East Side anymore.



While you’re out exploring Brooklyn, your guy will probably want to look the part as well. But if you want to be a local, you’ve got to shop like a local… And nothing’s more local than CADET. The threads at this Bushwick men’s shop are all designed and manufactured in the brand’s neighborhood factory, ensuring quality and ethical practices. The one-of-a-kind designs (think: post-war military academy inspired) don’t hurt either.



Maybe you’re hosting a dinner (cough, takeout) party in your industrial Airbnb loft while you’re in town, or you’re planning a big move to Brooklyn post-visit. Use your home decor gift card at Task in Williamsburg for simple, beautiful, and functional pieces you’ll come to wonder how you ever lived without. We’re talking funky bottle openers, show-off soapstone shot glasses, and copper graters—Yes, they come in a turtle-shaped variety. We know you were wondering.



All that shopping and “cooking” may have resulted in a chipped-nail problem. (Damn you, manicures we always think will last through packing, flying, and visiting). With a salon gift card, you can hit up Primp & Polish for a classic mani-pedi, or opt for a more relaxing, luxurious milk & honey treatment. Trust us, you won’t be disapPOINTed… Punny, aye?



Locally made edible galore can be all yours at Owl & Thistle General Store, located in the heart of Crown Heights. Freshly ground coffee? Check. Jars of local honey (the kind Pooh would dip his paws into)? Check. Pickles, taffy, granola, and jam? Quadruple check.


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