A personalized gift doesn’t need to be something you have monogrammed or engraved. For sure, those are personalized gifts because they are created specifically for the recipient.

Still, any gift you take the time to pick out for your intended recipient is personalized. Personalized gifts can really be anything you put some thought into and select knowing they are perfect.

Even a gift card can be a personalized gift so long as you put some thought into where the gift card is for rather than selecting a big box store.

Need to express your gratitude to someone for helping you out in a pinch? Check out these categories of potential gift recipients to start selecting a personalized gift to say thanks.

Glamour Girl

Think of the glamour girl as someone who loves to pamper herself. She’s definitely into fashion, but she also takes every aspect of her appearance to the next level: both things seen and unseen.

A great way to express your gratitude to her is to select a gift card that really allows her to indulge in some luxury. Consider one of these chic merchants:


Dads are always helping out just because they care. If your dad is the type to drop everything and help you without even needing a simple thank you, it’s time to express your gratitude with a personalized gift.

Dads can also be notoriously hard to shop for based on the fact that they offer help while expecting nothing in return. Your dad probably tells you all the time that there’s nothing he needs or wants. Consider a gift card to one of these shops to really wow him for all that he’s done:


Is your best friend always inviting you over for dinner or weekend brunch? Does she constantly host some sort of get together at her house? Sure, you may bring her a bottle of wine or a cheese platter when you show up to one of her parties, but think about all those other times you just drop in for a drink or dinner.

Show your appreciation with a gift card selected to compliment her love of entertaining. These merchants offer wonderful items to please that hostess in your life:


It can be difficult to shop for a fashionista, because while you know what her passion is you might not quite be able to interpret that into a gift she’ll love. The fashionista tends to have a very specific style and brand loyalty for the designers she loves.

Maybe you want to thank your fashionista best friend for always letting you borrow her clothes OR helping you pick out an outfit for a date night. Show your gratitude with a gift card to one of these high-end merchants:

Showing your gratitude to someone doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You likely already know enough details about the person to pick a personalized gift out for them they will truly love.

Personalized gifts don’t mean you need to pick out an outfit, accessory item or piece of home decor. A gift card can be just as personalized as any object so long as you take the time to pick a special place to treat the important people in your life.

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