Weddings aren’t just about gifts for the bride and groom. It’s also a time to show your gratitude to those people you have chosen to be a part of your bridal party. These are usually people who’ve played an important role in your life.

Before the wedding day, it’s customary to offer members of your bridal party a token of your appreciation. Below are some beautiful items to express your thanks to your bridal party.

Beautiful Pearl Bracelet (Jules, New York, NY)

beautiful pearl bracelet
You can’t go wrong with a simple pearl bracelet as a way to say thank you to your bridal party. This one from Jules’ is made of genuine cultured freshwater pearls wrapped together with sterling silver wire.

The bracelet is also fully adjustable, so you won’t need to worry what size bracelet each woman in your bridal party wears. Consider a gift card to Jules as well, now or for future gift giving needs.

Grab ‘N Go Clutch (Clever Girl, Western Springs, IL)
grab 'n go clutch
Not so traditional, but practical none the less. This clutch from Chicago’s Clever Girl boutique is the perfect gift to express your gratitude, because the recipient can get so much use out of it.

Available in 4 vibrant colors, the Grab ‘N Go Clutch is not too big or small. It’s the perfect size to throw into a beach or gym bag or even carry on its own for a quick grocery run. A detachable wrist strap is also included. Gift cards are also available for this shop that has a bit of everything.

Coin Pearl Grape Drop (M. Flynn, Boston, MA)
Coin Pearl Grape Drop earring
These coin pearl earrings are a bestseller at Boston’s M. Flynn. You know your bridesmaids will get more than just one wear out of these classic beauties.

The earring is made out of coin pearls and sterling silver. They have a delicate movement and perfectly finish off any bridesmaid dress. Also consider gifting a gift card for all the other fabulous jewelry ideas available at this jewelry and accessory store.

Necklace Silver Iolite – Gag & Lou (Kisan, New York, NY)
Necklace Silver Iolite - Gag & Lou
For a simple necklace to top off your bridesmaids’ dresses, consider this delicate necklace from Kisan. It’s made of genuine Iolite stones and a sterling silver chain. This necklace isn’t flashy or too bold, so it will be the perfect accessory long after the wedding day has passed. The members of your bridal party will reach for it time and again. Consider a gift card, too, from this gorgeous New York boutique.

Bridal party presents are an important token of your gratitude to the friends and family you hold dear. These gifts don’t need to be overly expensive or flashy, but rather something that commemorates your special bond.

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