And so it has begun. For the next week, we’re entirely dedicated to New York Fashion Week. Because we know you are too.

First thing’s first this Fashion Friday—the bag. The clutch. The purse. The thing you can’t love without. You’ll need it for every occasion this week, but you don’t want to be an accessory repeater.

Enter Laudi Vidni. (That’s individual backwards… sneaky sneaky). The place where you can design a handbag that’s truly one of a kind. Now, you probably won’t have your designs walking the runway any time soon, but hey, it’s a stylish start.

Use your Giftbar gift card to choose a style, choose the colors and finishes, and then use the sh*t out of the bag. Did we mention they’re also super high quality? Je l’aime.

For the purposes of NYFW, we’ve chosen our top three styles for every event—street style during down time, the shows during up time, and the after parties during super up time.

Street Style


When you’re not at a show, you’re most likely running around like a fashion maniac trying to eat, stay caffeinated, and pray that you make it to the next show on time. You need a carry-all for your camera, phone, makeup, and perhaps a pair of flats… Unless you’re a true fashion champ who enjoys running in heels.

The Opera backpack is not only super on trend, but like we said before, you can design it in any way you want. For Fashion Week, of course, we say go bold or go home—choose color! Your chances of ending up on the list of best-dressed NYFW goers will increase x1000.

The Shows


When you’re at a show, all you really need is camera. And what do you know? We bet your phone has one of those. Because you’ll be sitting, you can get away with the Tempo envelope clutch and still have both hands free—one for taking photos of the designs, and one for waving frantically at Anna Wintour across the runway. We don’t blame you.

The Events


And after the party, there’s the after party. But only this time, you won’t have the luxury of a seat. You’ll need the Prima crossbody bag—with a strap—that can carry your phone, money (for the booze), and concealer (for the bad kind of bags), so that your hands can be free for lots of introductory shakes… And a glass of champagne. Baby you’re worth it.

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