Jelly shoes. Come on ladies, admit it—we all had them, and we were all totally obsessed with them. Well guess what? They’re back, baby! So get those fashion gift cards (and your polished toes) ready. It’s Fashion Friday.

These plastic sandals were a mainstay in every 80s and 90s girl’s closet, and it’s obvious why. Colorful, practical, and stylish, these ultra-trendy shoes came in a ton of varieties, from flats, to flip-flops, to chunky clogs—perfect to pair with our one-strap light-wash denim overalls and hair scrunchies (cringe).

The history of the jelly is a difficult one to crack, as there are a number of myths on the origins of this mysterious shoe. Some say jellies were invented by a French shoemaker after World War II in the midst of a European leather shortage, while others argue the shoes were created in the 50s when plastic became a readily available material and fashion designers were free to experiment. The neon footwear quickly became popular among young ladies across the globe, but it wasn’t until 1983, when Bloomingdale’s ordered 2,400 pairs, that the trend hit the States. There was no looking back—jellies had come to America, and they were taking the fashion world by storm.

As ladies with tired feet that seem to audibly whimper if we even consider wearing those studded stilettos, we constantly crave a stylish alternative. Well, we’re in crazy luck, because plastic is back! Giftbar gift card merchant and fashion world fave, Kirna Zabête, has jelly sandals in stock (and on sale! *heavens sing*), and we couldn’t be more in love.

The neon Sophia Webster Rosa Pineapple Heeled Sandals feature color-blocked straps and a funky pineapple-printed heel, while the Rosa Jelly Heeled Sandals update the classic jelly with a bit of edge, featuring clear straps and a metallic hardware-wrapped chunky heel. Ummmm… Yes please! We’re already imagining all the warm weather ensembles we can snag with our women’s gift cards to complement these beauties.


Can you even?! Go with a simple tee-shirt dress or a breezy top and distressed skinnies to let the shoes do the talking, or really stand out and pair these punchy kicks with a floral pencil skirt and a chambray button down. Regardless of how they’re styled, we can guarantee that these perfect pairs will put a spring in your step this summer.

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