Yes or no? This week, on Fashion Friday.

Just like last year, this summer’s hottest trend is a controversial one (remember the drama with Birks?). Not surprisingly, we happen to be pro-overall. Here’s why.

They’re versatile.

Dressed up or down, overalls will always ensure that you’re the most eye-catching broad in the room. Our favorite outfit for a casual day of errands is the classic short overalls with a striped tee pairing. And for lots of double taps on your #OOTD Instagram post, top it all off with a brimmed hat and a pair of statement sunnies.

For an evening look, swap the denim shorter-alls for a longer black pair and finish with a collared blouse, pointed-toe stilettos, your trusty metallic clutch, and the polished bedhead you’ve been sporting all day.

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They’re universally flattering.

Ok, ok. Stay with us. Sure, the baggy, wide-leg, acid-wash overalls from the 90s aren’t exactly made for all body types. But in 2015 style, overalls have gotten a major update in the form of, well, form. The controversial trend is now more figure flattering, with tailored waists and slim legs that actually show off your shape.


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They’re so freaking easy.

If you thought a jumpsuit was easy… NEWSFLASH: Overalls are even simpler. Still one piece (you just have to throw a plain tee underneath—easy peasy), you can literally put on a pair of overalls, slip on your shoe of choice and head out the door. But how does that make them easier than a romper, you ask? First, they can be found at pretty much all of your go-to local boutiques. But secondly, you don’t have to completely disrobe when you have to pee—just unbuckle and slip ’em down.

Now that’s what we call an answer to fashion prayers.


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