Oh my god, shoes. They’re always a staple in your wardrobe, but during the summer, you can finally put fashion before function when it comes to footwear.

Flats, tennies, sandals, and boots—they’re all finally weather appropriate, but they’re not all appropriate for every occasion. We know you’ve got your summer booked completely full, so we did the shopping for you this Fashion Friday. No need to thank us.

Though we wouldn’t say no to a new pair.

Or two.

A gift card, maybe?


The Picnic

Summer isn’t summer without weekends scheduled beginning to end with trips to the pool, family picnics, and BBQs with your friends. To keep your look casual, but super fly and totally fresh, opt for a flat brogue with an unmistakable pop of neon, like the Mr. Fitzgerald from The Office of Angela Scott. They’ll pair perfectly with denim shorts and a light cardigan, or with your go-to LWD (that’s little white dress).


The Trip

Packing for a euro-trip can be a doozy… Mostly because you want to bring along every pair of shoes you own, even though you know they won’t all fit—and that you definitely won’t wear them all. The easiest solution? Pack a comfy (but super on-trend) pair of black slip-ons that will easily pair with any ensemble you throw together out of your suitcase. The Jackie Slides by J. Litvak are walkable, versatile, and available at Lori’s Shoes in Chicago. So gather those gift cards and go.


The Wedding

Summer is the height of wedding season, and while some celebrations may lean toward the more casual side, others will call for your finest garb. The Alma Sandals by Giftbar- and fashion-world-fave Tibi are neutral—so they’ll go with all of your dresses—and casual enough to pair with an elegant sundress while still amping up the glitz for a nighttime wedding with a mirrored heel. They’re also the perfect way to spend those fashion gift cards you have saved in your wallet… Just saying, they’re a bit of a splurge. (But oh so worth it).


The Festival

The positive: Summer is prime music fest season. The negative: Summer weather is also super unpredictable. Ugh. But with the Aigle Miss Juliette Rain Boots from Amé Amé in NYC, you can stay stylish while still being prepared to jump in all of the rain puddles without ruining your favorite flats. Bonus: These durable booties will guard against extreme toe pain when the guy in front of you lands on your foot after crowd surfing.


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