Sure, what’s fashionable can sometimes be in the eye of the beholder. Some things are just so clearly NOT fashionable, though, that you know they are to be avoided… especially as gift ideas.

When you’re shopping for someone special… say a boyfriend… you probably have a pretty good idea of what clothing items and accessories he’s going to love that also meets the criteria of being a current fashion trend.

It’s especially great to surprise that special guy with a fashionable men’s gift just because you feel like it. For some fashionable men’s gift suggestions, check out some of these picks.

Lime Jacket (Redeem, Washington DC)
Lime Jacket
For the boyfriend who cannot have enough jackets in his closet, consider Redeem’s Lime Jacket. The color certainly isn’t lime, so he’ll be able to get a lot of wear from it. This is a two-piece nylon jacket and vest combination. The pieces can be worn together or separate… whatever meets your guy’s needs at the time. You can also give him a Redeem gift card.

Brown Knit Tie (Alton Lane, Boston, MA)
Brown Knit Tie
There’s definitely something trendy, yet almost geeky about a knit tie. It makes a great accessory because it adds a contrasting pattern to whatever shirt and pants your guy chooses to wear. The casual look with a pair of jeans and a button up is always a winner. This knit tie from Alton Lane is handmade in Italy… very luxurious. Gift cards are also available.

Baldwin Denim (Haberdash Men, Chicago, IL)
Baldwin Denim
A good pair of jeans is always fashionable… and more importantly, they’re always sexy. This pair from Chicago’s Haberdash Men is a classic slim fit, washed denim. The coolest part… each pair is made right here in the USA in Kansas City. Opt for a Haberdash Men gift card if you’re unsure of the fit.

Moore and Giles: Alligator Compact Wallet (Rye 51, Dallas, TX)
Moore and Giles- Alligator Compact Wallet
Perhaps there’s no more fashionable accessory piece than the alligator wallet, like this one from Rye 51. This wallet won’t add any bulk when carried, yet it’s large enough to hold 8 cards. It’s available either in classic tan or a rich chocolate color. A gift card is also available.

Just because you love him, treat your boyfriend to one of these fashionable men’s gift ideas. If you’d rather treat him to a shopping spree on you, he’ll be thrilled with the Giftbar of Choice. That’s because it allows him to choose from any of Giftbar’s merchants. The hardest part for your guy will be deciding where to shop!

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