Less than a week until Father’s Day! Don’t pull a dad. You need to start shopping for those gift cards now.

But for the dapper dad who prefers cuff links to golf links, Father’s Day can be pretty tricky… Especially if he’s picky about his style. But you know what they (OK, we) always say. Gift cards are the way to go.

Alton Lane

If a suit is your dad’s idea of weekend casual, then you need to introduce him to his new drinking buddy, Alton Lane. A generous Father’s Day gift card will get him a complimentary scotch when he walks in the door—talk about a friendly hello—and a completely customized suit from the fit to the fabric that will suit (too easy) his style.



Maybe dad loves fashion and lookin’ good, but doesn’t love the hours upon hours of shopping bit. With a gift card to ZipFit, his denim, shirts, shorts—even socks and boxers—can be delivered straight to his doorstep. And since we know he’s probably skeptical about the fit, you can tell him to book a mobile fitting and they’ll come straight to him, measuring tape in hand.


Noah Marion Quality Goods

Dad’s had your back for years paying for college, picking up the dinner tab when you’re in town, and letting you keep the change when he sends you to the store. His wallet’s probably pretty tired don’t ya think? Upgrade his billfold game with a handmade-to-order leather wallet from this timeless shop in Austin. This doesn’t give you an excuse not to foot the bill for Father’s Day brunch, though.


City Soles

If your dad has a shoe collection that shames your own—you thought it was impossible, yet here we are—a men’s gift card to this Chicago shoe boutique is basically his idea of heaven. Sneakers, loafers, boots… He doesn’t discriminate. Your mom might get a little upset because his shoe collection will begin to take up most of the closet, but hey, she had her day last month.



Because what dad doesn’t love a cold glass? Yes, glass, because this craft brew café is for beer snobs only. The place is described as the neighborhood watering hole meets your local internet café, which means pops can enjoy a cold one while doing whatever he does on the internet… Read the news? Check the game score? Whatever it is, he’ll obsess over this place.


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