Golf, cycling, football, baseball… What sport doesn’t your fitness freak father (or hubby, if you’re purchasing gift cards for the littles) freak out over? He’s always on his feet—literally—running from the gym to the links, so treat him to sporty treat he’ll definitely put to good use.

Live Grit

Whether he likes to swim, bike, run, or do all three on the same day—ahem, he’s a triathlete—a Father’s Day gift card to this shop in the West Loop will have him and his gear totally tuned up for the next race. Warning: He may ask you to do the next one with you. We’ll keep you in our thoughts.


Chicago Style Golf

Maybe dad is a bit more laid-back when it comes to the sports he enjoys. You may think it’s long and boring, but if he’s head-over-spikes in love with the 18-hole game, a men’s gift card to Chicago Style Golf will for sure be up to par. He can shop for new gear, practice his putt, and even watch The Masters in the company of other golf enthusiasts.


Exceed Physical Culture

Now for the total opposite. If he’s less of a relaxed sportsman and more of an all-around athlete (meaning he’s in really, REALLY good shape), then this gym is his new home away from home. If he’s got what it takes and is down for some seriously intense cardio and strength training, he’ll have no problem fitting in at Exceed. We, on the other hand, are sore just thinking about it. Apparently not all genes run in the family…



After a triathlon, a game of 18 holes, and a sweat session at the gym, what more could dad want than a Father’s Day gift card for a massage—wait for it—in the comfort of his own home? He can choose the length of his session, the type of massage—deep tissue, swedish, or sports—and an expert massage therapist will be at his door in no time. Expert tip: Make sure to include a message in your gift card reminding him that Daughter’s Day is coming up. Wink wink.


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