Pet lovers are a breed all their own. Their love for their pet knows no bounds (nor should it). When it’s time to get a gift for the pet lover in your life, you can’t go wrong getting them something to remind them of their four-legged companion.

What are some really unique gift ideas for the pet lover? Read on and check out 4 of the best gift finds.

Pool for Fido (Dog-a-holics)
Pool for Fido
It’s summertime and no doubt your pet lover wants to enjoy as much fun with her dog as she can. Why not keep cool at the same time with this doggy pool from Dog-a-holics? She doesn’t have to tell if she hops in the pool with Fido!

This inflatable puppy pool is ideally sized for any breed or backyard. Plus, it’s made of an ultra thick PVC material so it’s resistant to her dog’s paws and claws. Not sure your pet lover (or her pup) would love taking a dip in this pool? Get a gift card.

Never Walk Alone Women’s Tee (Fish & Bone)
Never Walk Alone Women’s Tee
For the pet lover who loves taking her dog for long walks, this Fish & Bone t-shirt is a no-brainer. She probably never walks alone and doesn’t want to either. Give her this 100% cotton t-shirt as a way to celebrate her bond with her dog.

You can also opt for a gift card to Fish & Bone if you’re not sure about sizing.

Dog Blueprints (The Modern Dog)
Dog Blueprints
Let the dog lover in your life show their love of their favorite breed with this unique dog blueprint from The Modern Dog. These dog prints were actually created by an architect and graphic designer and keep true to the original format of blueprints done in the 1950s.

A gift card is also available if you cannot find her breed or want your pet lover to be able to pick out something for herself and her pup.

Be Who You Are Pillow (Fish & Bone)
Be Who You Are Pillow
Everyone needs a reminder from time to time to be true to who they are. This fun accent pillow from Fish & Bone is the perfect way to remind the pet lover to be themselves. This feather and down pillow features original, licensed artwork. It’s all made in the USA and can even be machine washed!

Unsure whether this pillow will fit in with her decor? Opt for a Fish & Bone gift card for the pet lover instead.

These unique gift ideas for the pet lover are a great way for the recipient to express their love for their pet. If you didn’t find inspiration in one of the products highlighted, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to one of the merchants. Any pet lover would be stoked to shop at any these pet-centric boutiques.

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