Was your kid invited to a birthday party and you are now just hearing about it a couple of days in advance? Kids can be forgetful and party invitations have a way of falling to the bottom of their school bags.

Don’t fret, you can still get your child’s friend an awesome last minute gift. The best thing to do, let the child pick it out. Get a gift card to a unique store just for her.

Need some help? Here’s some categories the birthday girl might fall into.

The trendy kid

Some kids are more into clothes than others. Give the birthday girl a gift card to Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony and whether she loves clothes or not, she’s sure to find something cute here to make her a mini-fashionista. The best part is parents are excited to shop in this children’s boutique because the clothes are both affordable and age appropriate.

For even the smallest of trendsetters, a gift card to Lollipop Seeds will help the sweet little birthday girl add some trendy clothes to her collection. Here kids are allowed to develop their own style sense and accessorize, too.

The store features all the essential clothing staples every kid should have in their closet like stylish coats and jackets to cool graphic shirts and fun backpacks.

Hip Tweens

If your child’s headed to a birthday party for a tween and she’s at all into clothes she’d love a gift card to Kenzie Kids. All tween girls dream of shopping in a store like this. Both European and American designers are carried here, so the birthday girl will feel very chic.

A large selection of accessories are also featured. The birthday girl can pick up a necklace, bracelet or hat to accent her new outfit.

If you know the tween birthday girl actually likes shopping with mom, consider a gift card to Crush on Roscoe. Not only does this boutique carry clothing a teenybopper would go crazy for, but they offer sizes for mom, too.

The range of sizes here, can make it a special shopping experience for mom and daughter. That makes a gift card to this boutique almost like two gifts. The brands featured include: Splendid, Ella Moss, Roxy and Billabong.

Curious younger minds

If your child was invited to a birthday party for a kid still old enough to think toys are cool, consider a gift card to Norman and Jules. These are not your run of the mill mass marketed toys. Rather, a child will find toys here that encourage their creativity. The toys sold are fair trade or crafted locally.

You might not know exactly what the birthday girl would want from this store, but with a gift card and some help from her parents she’s sure to find a toy here to help build her imagination.

The exciting thing about Play is you never know what you’re going to find. Owner Ann Kienzle is constantly changing her inventory and always researching the latest toys. There’s also an extensive book collection for little bookworms. Some of the brands carried here include Jellycat, Savor Castle, Calico Critters and Brio.

If you just found out your child is invited to a birthday party this weekend and you have no time to shop this week, stress no more. A gift card is a great option. You’ll give the birthday girl a chance to assert her independence and pick out something she’d like to have.

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