Your booze stock may be running low (hence the Monday hangover), but your bar cart will never run low on style.

We all need more room in our kitchen cabinets (for more snacks, of course), and we all have those empty corners that we have no idea what to do with. You can only have so many armchairs.

Solution: A bar cart. You can clear out those cabinets previously dedicated to your extensive red wine collection, AND add some serious chic-ness to your living room home decor in the form of gorgeous gold—or your metal of choice—accents.


Get The Look:

Gift card necessities for a designer bar cart

BAR CART: The foundation of it all. This one’s made of iron, which may be why we love it so much. The dark gray acts as a perfect neutral background for the gold accented decor. | Jayson Home $1195

PORCELAIN BOTTLE: It’s pretty. That’s all you really need to know. | Open Door $30

SHAKER: Shake up your signature G&T with some simple syrup and lime juice to amp up the flavor. Don’t forget the ice. | Jay Jeffers $180

BOTTLE OPENER: Because it’s officially TGIT season, and your guy doesn’t understand that Olivia drinks red wine… Not beer. | Acacia $44

HORN DISH: For when you’re feeling fancy. Throw some spiced cocktail nuts in so your guests can munch—we’re addicted to the Spicy & Smoky Mixed Nuts you can get with your Kinderhook Snack gift cards. | Open Door $18

BRASS SPOONS: Mostly because they’re pretty, but you can also use them to mix up your cocktails. | Acacia $44

GOLD LEAF GLASSES: You can’t drink without a glass. | Open Door $96 for 6

GOLD LEAF DECANTER: Again, because Shonda Thursdays have finally returned. | Open Door $45

ICE BUCKET: Who likes a room temperature cocktail? | Jay Jeffers $1890

THE ESSENTIAL BAR BOOK: To mix up your bartending game. | Jay Jeffers $19.99

VINTAGE COCKTAILS: To class up your bartending game. | Jay Jeffers $50

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