For most ladies, a closet is like a second home… Or a first home if you have your priorities straight.

We all remember Mariah Carey’s closet tour on Cribs as the first time we ever fell in love with a wardrobe. Mostly because it was quadruple the size of our own closets (probably even greater than that, but we’re no math experts). And even today, when you flip through any fashion or home design magazine, there’s always a celeb showing off a closet that you thought was only possible in Clueless.

Side note: It’s been 10 years since the release of Clueless, and Cher’s fancy closet stylist still doesn’t exist. (And if it does, please let us know… we’re obsessed).

If your closet—no matter big or small—is brimming with mismatched shoes, wrinkled clothes, and accessories you forgot you even had, it’s time for a makeover. Just use your women’s gift card with one of these expert organizers to get the look. Some of them even offer styling services… Double win.

Deirdre Pursel

Deirdre believes that every closet is as unique as the woman who owns it. And for the fashion lover who would rather give her left arm than her latest pair of Jimmy Choos, this couldn’t be more true. The Chicagoan and organizer extraordinaire provides one-on-one consulting, closet editing and organizing, and personal shopping. So whether you can’t decide how to wear the jumpsuit you bought last year, or don’t have time to find a dress for your cousin’s wedding next month, your local gift card for Deirdre Pursel will be a life saver.


Style Spies

Closet consultations, personal styling, shopping, event coordination… Style Spies seriously does it all. If you’re in Chicago, Jen Wold will be your stylist, helping you to bring your own personal style to life through a mix of high and low pieces and by making those seemingly unapproachable runway trends you’ve had pinned on your Style board a lot less intimidating.



For the ultimate wardrobe makeover, the girls at Sararose in Chicago are your new go-to. They offer closet organization and personal shopping by season, of course, but add in a color analysis and a body type analysis on top of seasonal refreshers, and you have the best thing a women’s gift card can buy. It’s like they do all the thinking for you. All you have to do is wake up (the hardest part), enjoy your coffee, and rock the looks they create for you. It’s style done easy. Like, too easy.


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