We’ve seen them in our monthly glossies, plastered all over our daily blogs, and pinned on our Pinterest home pages. They’re perfectly edited coffee tables, and we need them now.

Truth is, you probably already own everything you need for a stylish coffee table setup. But what girl’s going to pass up an opportunity to spend some of her home decor gift cards to the top local boutiques? Not this girl. The most important part is curating, because once you find the pieces you simply can’t live without, your eye for design will do the rest. Here’s how you can get the look.

Stacks on stacks

…On stacks of coffee table books. The key to a great tablescape is dimension, which calls for stacking, layering, and an extra oomph of height. You can use a pile of your favorite issues from your fashion magazine collection, but those are usually all the same size — not ideal for optimizing visual interest. Instead, opt for thick, hardback coffee table books with graphic covers in a variety of sizes and coordinating colors. Five & Ten boutique in Dallas has an amazing collection, ranging from exotic travel to fashion photography books with eye-catching covers that will tempt your guests to mess up the arrangement for a peek inside.



Let there be light

Everyone loves candles because of their sweet scents, but only those of us with a love of design appreciate a candle’s ability to add a pop of color to a space. The scented candles from Nannie Inez in Austin are worth the splurge, as the bright colors and graphic patterns will surely bring life to your new tablescape. The best part? You get more than your home gift card’s worth, because when you’ve burned through the entire candle, you can know use the empty jar as a chic vase.

coffee_table6  coffee_table5  coffee_table7


Flower Power

If you prefer to keep your candle accents chic and simple (cough, cough: looking at you, Dyptique lovers), you can easily add color to a monochromatic scape with florals from Dilly Lily in Chicago. The Designer’s Choice arrangement is the epitome of sleek with it’s glass vase, while the Sweet Spring Hyacinth would work perfectly with an earthier setup. And if you’re sticking to the monochromatic aesthetic, douple up on the tulips.

coffee_table8  coffee_table9  coffee_table10


Shaping up

Last step: Adding more shape. Whether you choose a Gerard the Giraffe ceramic bust, a Swiss Cross Bottle with gold accents, or a textured decorative box, your coffee table will finally be complete. Now all we need is some coffee to go with that table… Decorating is hard work.

coffee_table1  coffee_table2  coffee_table3

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