We have serious office envy that we just can’t shake. With empty, lipstick-stained coffee cups and months-old sticky notes cluttering our desktop, we long for a stylish, organized, and inspirational space of our own. Get the look with Jayson Home.

If you have a Pinterest, an obsession with fashion blogger’s Instagrams, or have ever seen the beauty that is Jenna Lyons’s NYC office space, you know that the next big thing is home decor is the desk. Why wouldn’t it be? Working girls need a place where they can get inspired and get. work. done. And if it happens to also be worthy of its own glossy spread? So be it.

The secret to the perfect desk is a mix of style and function—inspiration and dedication. From the windows, to the walls (’til sweat drops down your… brow as you try to hit send before deadline), the best designer offices create a space you’ll want to be in, not a room you dread.

And what better time than the present to overhaul your office with new finds you purchased with your home decor gift card? Thanks to our featured merchant of the day, Jayson Home (Gwyneth Paltrow’s a fan), you can get it all in one place.

The Office Trifecta

The Gallery Wall

Whether you choose to adorn the wall you’re facing while you work, or the wall behind your desk (optimal for #DeskInspo ‘grams), the gallery wall is where you’ll add a personal touch to your work space. The key to a perfectly curated wall is variety—mix it up by hanging inspirational quotes next to a mirror and above a beautiful print, and scattering your favorite photos of family and friends into the creative madness. Bonus points for switching out magazine tear-outs every season to stay up-to-date on your inspiration.



The Essentials

Yeah, you’ll actually need a desk and a chair. Luckily, Jayson Home has pieces that feel way less windowless-cubicle and way more high-rise-with-a-view. For a stylish update on typical office garb, opt for a long rectangular dining table with gold accents and a comfortable matte leather chair. Of course, a pop of color in the form of a patterned throw pillow also means extra back support. *thumbs up emoji*



The Finishing Touches

Because you sacrificed storage for style with your drawer-less desk (worth it), you’ll need to utilize your tabletop to the max. For all of your highlighters, pens—and eventually mascaras, probably—use your home gift card on fancy bar glasses. And for the paper clips, push pins, and other odds and ends, gold leaf platters and boxes are the sleek way to go.

Add the final touches of quirk with a stack of your favorite books nestled between brass bookends, and put your new brass skull (yep) on display. Voila! A bold new office space worthy of your boss-b*tchness.


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