You know the ones. They’re covered in more cozy throws than you own in your entire house, and the mountain of pillows could rival an actual mountain. Here’s how you can get the look that whispers, “It’s impossible to leave this bed.”

…Not that you would want to, even if it were possible. Other than a warm mug of coffee and a stack of fashion mags, there are four must-haves for the perfect weekend lie-in: the duvet, the blankets, the pillows, and the rug.

And the fifth must? A home gift card, of course.

The Bed Necessities

The Duvet

Every beautiful thing starts with a good foundation, whether it be your relationship, your home, or your makeup look. The same goes for a Pinterest-board-worthy bed. Gift card merchant, Cloud Hunter, in Los Angeles knows pretty, cozy duvets like you know the inside of your eyelids. The Cinderella White Floral Duvet Cover is so feminine and fluffy and whimsical that it’s practically begging you to tuck in and head to dreamland. Plus, the all-white bedding set makes for the perfect backdrop to more cozy accessories.


The Blankets

Even the coziest of beds can seem bare without a soft blanket thrown over top. The Mandal Veveri Vest Agder 1810 Bunad Blanket from Houston local boutique, Saint Cloud, is neutral enough to pair with a mound of eclectic throw pillows, but adds a pop of color to a neutral-on-neutral color scheme with its lightly colored chevron pattern. It’s also 100% wool… So. Freaking. Cozy.


The Pillows

There’s no such thing as a singular throw pillow. We prefer them piled so high that all you can see is the tops of our heads and the tips of our toes. Use your home gift cards at Cadeau in Nashville, and you’ll learn the power of the pillow(s). We love the Samui Stripe Pillow for a statement, and the Life Is Beautiful Throw Pillow for a daily reminder. We don’t suggest stopping at just two, though.


The Rug

It may not actually be on the bed, but for wood floors, a soft rug is essential for a cozy lie-in experience. Why? Because when you get up to refill your coffee, landing your bare feet on a cold, hard floor is less than ideal. Jayson Home—a Giftbar fave—has a Shetland Oat Rug collection that will knock your socks off… Well, if you’re brave enough to go the rest of the way to the coffee pot sans-socks, that is. The rugs are handwoven in a chunky braided style from wool and viscose yarns, proving that happy feet is more than just a movie about dancing penguins.


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