Winter blacks, be gone! Memorial Day is the official start to summer style season, and you can finally where your whites without the guilt… Even though we know you’ve been rocking white on white since September. But hey, when you know the rules, you can break ’em.

And who worships the style bible more than fashion bloggers? They know fashion laws inside and out, and if they believe in the power of a neutral ensemble for summer, then we say bring on the white… on white on white on white on—you guessed it—white.

cupcakes and cashmere

One of the OG fashion bloggers in the game, Emily Schuman is known for her masterful mix of high-end essentials and fast-fashion trends to create a sophisticated, yet current look that is all her own. She’s a die-hard fan of middle parts, bold lips, and pattern play, but it’s her all-white ensemble she featured recently that we’ve fallen head over pointed-toe-heels for. The look is perfect for any Memorial Day brunch plans (ahem, the kind with bottomless mimosas) you may have, combining easy white denim with a statement bauble that’ll knock ’em dead.
Itching to get the look for yourself? w.port boutique in Atlanta is the answer. This look combines summer casual with brunch-appropriate elegance, so you can celebrate the holiday (and your bomb eggs benedict) in style.

Happily Grey

Stationed in Nashville, Mary Seng of Happily Grey is the epitome of down-to-earth southern style modernized with up-to-date trends straight from the runway. If your long weekend plans include a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, or just a casual backyard BBQ, Mary’s comfy casual, all white dress-sweater combo (complete with platform sneakers, of course) is the look for you.
To get the look, gather your clothing gift cards and prepare for some pre-holiday shopping at Beehive, a local boutique in Austin where normcore and southern sophistication live in harmony. Sound like someone familiar? Hint: She’s happy being grey.


Rumi Neely has been running the fashion-blogger game since Day 1. Ask any style enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that fashiontoast was the blog that got them addicted to scrolling through the archives of style bloggers everywhere. She somehow manages to look ultra-modern in the most timeless of ways in every one of her posts. Seriously, check out some her very first outfits from 2008 and you’ll be surprised by how much you want to be her. She’s style #goals personified.
Rumi’s white Burberry frock, finished with tough black accessories is the perfect Memorial Day look for anyone celebrating Memorial Night with dinner and drinks. Emerson Grace in Nashville gets it—and they’ll gladly take your gift cards (shameless s/o). Their fancy frock by Ulla Johnson finished with tasseled sandals is a page ripped right out of the fashiontoast handbook. We’ll toast to that. Bottoms up.

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