An invitation is delivered to you on a silver platter. “You and I are two peas in a pod. Let’s celebrate our love with a romantic tour abroad,” the note reads. You haphazardly throw everything into your suitcase, prepared to be swept off your feet with love. But then your eyes open. And you realize your life will only resemble The Bachelor in your dreamiest of dreams. Time to hit snooze again…

Not all hope is lost for those romantics out there, though. Just because you can’t exactly afford a romp around Europe for the summer (thanks – bar tabs, grocery bills… life) doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your relationship with some extra special attention devoted to your love. Whether you’re celebrating your first birthday together (eek!) or a monumental anniversary is on the horizon, we’ve got your back with these local gift card tips.

Freshly Official

You two just became Facebook offish and you’re just now changing your profile pic to that super cute shot of the two of you from your last road trip. The problem is, your S.O.’s birthday is right around the corner and you’re totally freaking out. Jewelry is too committal, and simply picking up the dinner tab is too “first date.”

Guys: you can never ever go wrong with a fresh bundle of florals (girls love a Pinteresting desk-scape). So whether you already have her favorite flower memorized — we’re impressed — or you send her a birthday gift card so she can design her own, she’ll be smelling the roses for sure.

And ladies: Boys love beer. They love buying it, and they love drinking it. Nuff said.

Romantic Reminder

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while, or you’ve reached that stage in your marriage where the two of you are perfectly “comfortable.” There’s no upcoming birthday, or even a small anniversary approaching, but you want to send them a reminder of the hold they have on your heart. Show him or her that they’re much appreciated and deserve extra-special treatment with a customized gift card to a local spa. You may not be the one giving the massage, but hey, they’ll come home in an especially good mood. (Nudge, nudge).

Big Time Celebration

Whether it’s 10 years of marriage, 5 years of togetherness, or a lifetime of love you’re celebrating, now’s the time to go above and beyond with your gifting skills.

For the lady in your life: Jewelry. (And we’re not talking the kind you can just stumble upon at the mall, fellas). We mean the customized jewels that she’ll keep forever and wear every day… and then pass down to your daughter will keep it forever and wear it every day.

And for your man: Dapper him up with brand new look suited to be your knight in shining formalwear. You’ve wanted to toss out his old suit and tie for years now, and maybe a stylish gift card will finally persuade him to splurge. Did we say maybe? We’re just being modest.


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