We know you have a ton of baby showers coming up this summer. Time to get those gift cards purchased so you can go enjoy the baby-themed sweets. Sure the mommy-to-be has cravings, but you do too…

Pass the cupcakes.

How do we know you have a calendar full of showers? July, August, and September are the most popular months for birthdays, meaning those babies are coming soon, and you have plenty of games of pin the diaper on the baby and “can you guess the weight?” in your summer plans.

So because your gal pals were busy gettin’ it on 9 months ago, you need to start gettin’ busy buying those new baby gift cards.

Plaid Rabbit – Nashville

For the country-music-loving little one. This super cute Nashville baby boutique is perfect for newborn essentials—like burp pads and swaddles—and for fun, personalized gifts that will take momma’s mind off of all the hard parts about the little bunny.


Wee – Austin

This modern baby shop in Austin is the design-obsessed mommy’s haven for nursery must-haves (and just fun decorations in general). We love the Leather Joya Rocker because of its ultra sleek design, and she’ll love swiping her gift cards on stylish dressers that will easily transition to toddler years and beyond.


Hollyhocks – Denver

If next weekend’s baby shower happens to be in the Rockies, Hollyhocks boutique is a must on your gift shopping list. Stocked with luxe toys and blankets that the little one will never let go of, giant stuffed animals, and gentle bath time sets, this shop has both the necessities and the too-cute-to-pass-ups.


Half Pint Citizens – Brooklyn

For the too-cool-for-school (well, too young) Brooklynite baby, a gift card to Half Pint Citizens will keep them looking fresh from the playground, to mommy and me class, to nap time. Oh, and the Mustachifier pacifier is also a must in the borough.


Prenatal Fit – Chicago

Mommy’s going to want her pre-baby bod back, but baby’s not going to want to leave momma’s side. Enter a baby gift card to Prenatal Fit, where the dynamic duo can get fit together. This gift is more for the mommy-to-be, but doesn’t she deserve it? Ohhhh yeah.


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