You know that friend that texts you every morning to wake you up for yoga class? You hate to love her, but she is the one most responsible for your beach body this summer (and the one to blame for your inability to walk up stairs). We think she deserves a thank you.

And just what does this workout-aholic want more than anything? We’re willing to bet she loves all things healthy, so why not give her a day of fitness in the form of gift cards for before, during, and after the workout? She’ll probably want you to tag along though, so you (yes, you) better start stretching now.


She somehow manages to look totally pulled together at the gym, while you may look totally pulled-out-of-bed in your oversize tee and running shorts (if you’re anything like us). Her secret? Well for one, she probably doesn’t hit snooze four times before waking up. But she also trusts Body Language Sportswear to outfit her for all of her fitness routines. Whether she’s hiking in the canyon, kicking a$$ in spin cla$$, or perfecting her sun salutation, she always looks ready for a post-sweat-sesh photo shoot in her bold leggings and easy tank. Only this time, the new outfit’s on you. Well, not physically on you, but we’re not stopping you from getting a sporty gift card for yourself.



She’s tried Crossfit and SoulCycle—she even dipped her feet into regular old gym sessions once—but what always remains the same? Yoga. It keeps her feeling balanced and rejuvenated, and she raves about it so much that she even got you hooked. (You’ve really nailed shavasana). With a gift card to TRIO Studios in Miami, she can turn it all off and get her breathing on. They offer classes for all skill levels, so you can both try aerial yoga… And laugh together when you find out it’s way harder than it looks.



Your favorite part. It’s finally time to refuel, and while you may need to fight the urge to suggest stuffed french toast and Irish coffee for a post-workout brunch, she’ll probably want to keep it light. Don’t sweat it (because you already have), there is a happy medium. Beet Box Blend Bar food gift cards will satisfy your sweet tooth with the Thin Elvis blend (think: Presley’s fave sandwich), and give her the nutritious snack she’s craving with their Signature Green juice (think: Shrek).


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