Labor day gift cards

Labor Day is Monday… No work, lots of plans.

What’s your perfect Labor Day? Ours is jammed with festivities, which — we would not be disappointed if — take place on a boat with lots of food and lots of booze.

That’s what a day off of work is all about, right?

Bottoms up! (Both kinds… there are only so many tan-able weekends left).

Society Fair Gift Cards

What’s Labor Day without some peach-blueberry crisp? It’s fresh, citrus-y, and just the right amount of sweet for a hot, Indian summer day. Plus, we already gave you the recipe 😉

French Country Wines Gift Cards

And to go with the crisp? Say hola to sangria. Just remember to make it by the bucket—it is a holiday after all. Oh, and look at that… We gave you that recipe too.

BikiniLuxe Gift Cards

It’s still technically summer, and it’s still more-than-technically hot as hell. So before that bikini bod goes into hibernation under scarves and turtlenecks and down jackets, show it off to the rest of the boaters on the lake (or ocean if you’re one of those lucky Southerners).

Paychi Guh Gift Cards

The thing about the end of summer, though, is that it still gets cool at night. When you’re huddled around the campfire, toasting your marshmallows and trying to somehow fit the whole chocolate bar onto your graham cracker, you’ll need to stay cozy in the softest of all soft cashmere sweaters.

Now go celebrate before it’s Tuesday again.


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