Now that your own desk has undergone a stylish editorial makeover, it’s time for your lifesaver/wingwoman/therapist to amp up her desk game… or just actually get away from it for once. It’s National Receptionists’ Day, so show her who’s really boss (ahem, it’s her).

We mean, she really does it all. From lying and saying you’re away from your desk because you can’t talk with a mouth full of bagel, to stalling your coworkers before a meeting because you need to add a few finishing touches to the presentation—all of it. So doesn’t she deserve a day of celebration?

Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation today on National Receptionists’ Day.

And no, she won’t do the gift card buying for you.


She spends the majority of her day at her desk scheduling your meetings, greeting your clients, and overall just keeping your life in one, functioning piece. It’s basically like her second home, so treat it like one! With a home gift card to Art Effect in Chicago, she can add stylish desk accessories that may make taking those annoying phone calls that much more enjoyable. Whether it’s a business card holder (always handy), a gold desk tray (for the mail you never pick up), a quirky smartphone docking station (we all take Instagram breaks), or a mug that’s big enough for the amount of coffee she needs (a whooole latte coffee), we’re sure she’ll feel the love.


Duh, Flowers

Flowers are the easiest way to show your receptionist her invaluable worth, but this National Receptionists’ Day, why not let her choose her own? We love the gorgeous Perfect Peonies arrangement from Dallas florist, Apples to Zinnias, but with her gift cards, she can select her favorite bloom. And if she’s kept you alive all these years, we can bet she’ll keep these beauties living, too.


Digit-al Get Down

It might be weird at first, not hearing her typing away at her keyboard outside your office for a couple of hours, but her hardworking digits deserve a break. Treat her with a spa gift card to Brownes Merchants & Trading Co. salon and beauty boutique in Miami so she can pamper her fingers and toes. Plus, a no-chip mani and pedi will ensure that her paws stay flawless while she’s answering emails or running around the office in her signature heels.

D. All of the above

Just sayin’.

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