Sure, it may only be the beginning of July but before you know it will be August and your college bound student will be packing her bags to head off to school. Whether it’s her first time heading off to college or she’s returning for another year, she’ll probably want to add some personal style to her living space.

She may not live in her dorm room or campus apartment forever, but she certainly will want to decorate it with some personal touches that allows her style to shine. Why not treat her with a gift card to wish her luck? She can spruce up her dorm room and be the envy of all her friends. Here’s a list of some great merchant picks.

Style Shack (Highland Park, IL)
Because outfitting a college dorm or campus apartment is really about little luxuries, gift a gift card to Style Shack. She’ll be able to pick out a special little something that reminds her of home or expresses some of personal tastes. Soaps, candles and specialty trinkets can all be found here.

If she doesn’t want to stick to home decor alone, Style Shack also carries handmade jewelry and luxurious accessories. She’ll find things she needs and wants when shopping here.

Red Barn Mercantile (Alexandria, VA)
She may not be outfitting an entire home with new furniture and accessories, but she’ll still find great accent pieces at Red Barn Mercantile. Whether your college-bound daughter likes vintage, modern, classic or even quirky, she’ll find it all here. From storage bins, to throw pillows, candles and wall decor, she’ll be able to pick out the pieces that best capture her personal style.

December Thieves (Boston, MA)
For one-of-a-kind shopping, give a gift card to December Thieves. The merchandise carried in this store comes from all around the world and includes such products as leather goods, candles and body products. She’s sure to find a number of items no one else on her floor will have.

Turnstyle (Weston, FL)
This Miami shop is perfect for that college bound student. They have unique housewares sure to brighten up any dorm room. Wall art, stuffed animals, statuettes, candles and other unique pieces are all available. Brands featured at this store include iScream, Crazy Creek, Throwboy, L.A. Rug and Living Royal.

If you know someone heading to college for the first time or going back for another year, surprise her with a gift card to one of these cool and trendy Giftbar merchants. She’ll be able to get some fresh and unique items to spice up that dreary dorm and make her the envy of all her friends.

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