For the mother of all giftees… literally. She’s your mom. We have to say, you’re certainly cutting it close, but we get it, moms can be super picky. Sure they say they love anything you give them because it’s from you, but let’s be real. Moms are good liars. Where do you think your fibbing skills came from? They say you learn from the best, after all.

Accessories, jewels, and an addictive nightly read are safe bets when it comes to putting a genuine smile on momma’s face on Christmas morning. (Well, that and a cup of coffee). So get those credit cards out, ladies, because it’s time to finally wrap up—pun intended— this year’s Christmas shopping.

I spy organization.

Mommy dearest helped you clean your room for 18 or so years, so we think it’s about time to give back. Gift her the ultimate makeover. No, not for herself (she’s beautiful just the way she is). We mean the ultimate closet renovation. With a gift card to Style Spies, she’ll enjoy the treat of a closet consultation, a personal stylist, and a few expert tips and tricks on re-imagining her existing wardrobe. Be careful with this one though, people may start to think you’re sisters. Hot mama!


Now that she has more room…

Add a new handbag to her closet. Duh. Extra points if it’s a tote that will come in handy when it comes time for her annual surprise visit that’s somehow never really a surprise. The Paloma Tote from Simona Callá is super roomy, so she can store all of her flight essentials in one stylish place during the trip. And if your mom tends to be the type to lose everything (it’s impossible for moms to not carry too much), gift her the Travel Pouch to go with her new tote. Then remind her that she should store all of her essentials in it. Moms, right?


And who doesn’t have room for glitz?

Certainly not this stylish momma. Your mom’s a certified pro at this whole parenting thing by now, meaning, she lives by the mantra “less fuss, more fashion.” What can you say? Mom is all about simple, sleek, sophisticated style… and boy does she rock it. We think (and we’re sure you’ll agree) that she would love a sparkly creation from Ellie Jay Jewels. The Gold Diamond Crescent Necklace would go straight from the box to around her neck, never to be removed again. Trust us.


Or a good read?

Definitely not your mom, who finished Gone Girl and Fifty Shades of Grey before you were even aware of the trend. City Lit Books in Chi-Town is stocked with enough books to keep mom reading probably forever, so after sending her a gift card, you can expect a lot of book club invites and “Oh my god, honey, you’ve got to read this book!” phone calls coming your way.


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