August is one of the most popular birthday months of the year. And as much as you don’t want to think about you and your girlfriends adding yet another candle to the cake, it’s time to plan a surprise party.

Whether it’s the big 3-0, a not-as-big 27, or her third 29th birthday in a row, she deserves the best of the best. There aren’t many days in the year that a girl’s allowed to fully dedicate to herself, so when it comes around, you’ve got to go all out.

Juuust make sure she likes surprises. Everyone likes birthday gift cards (those are good surprises), but big ones? Always risky. It’s her birthday, and she can cry if she wants to… But no tears here, please.

OK, so here’s how to do it (Giftbar style):

The Invites

Easy peasy. Lavender & Mint in Houston can create the invites of your dreams. We’re not kidding ladies… This stationery is goooorgeous. Whether her aesthetic is modern black and white, girly gold polka dots, or elegant lavender script, they’ll design an invite that’s all her. Too bad she won’t see it.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.05.55_PM Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.01.47_PM Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.04.31_PM

The Party

You have work, a boy toy, pilates, and more work to balance in your own life, so trust us, we know it’s not easy to squeeze in planning a surprise party. But that’s why Fire & Creme exists. These party planning extraordinaires will design, coordinate, and set up the entire shindig guided by your vision. Of course, they’ll add in their own expertise too… Only to make it so much better than you (or the bday girl) could ever imagine. See below.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.00.17_PM Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.03.31_PM Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.04.02_PM


Better known as the best part of any birthday party. And when you see the lineup of flavors at The Frosted Affair, we guarantee there will be more than one cake at this party. Listen up: Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Chip Cheesecake baked inside and Chocolate Buttercream (like, what?) and Key Lime cake with a sweet graham cracker crust baked into the bottom topped with Key Lime cream cheese frosting and a sprinkling of graham crackers (are you kidding?) are just two of the options. Oh, and they also have macarons. WHAT?

Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.06.45_PM Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.07.04_PM Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_12.06.55_PM

The Surprise

So you have to get her away for a few hours while you set up and get everything in perfect shape for the surprise. Luckily, you sent her that spa gift card for her birthday. That should keep her occupied. But hopefully not TOO occupied.

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