You’ve browsed the site, chosen the p-e-r-f-e-c-t gift card, and pressed “Design.” But just because you have an eye for gift cards that suit their style doesn’t mean you have an eye for design. You know we do, though.

You know she loves spas, he loves golf, and the kids love to bake, but no one expects you to know what they want their gift cards to look like when they arrive in their inbox. Luckily, Giftbar has a carefully curated collection of gift card wrapping designs from which you can choose. It’s up to you which route you take, but keep this “how to” guide in mind and your gifts will be too pretty to unwrap. Well, virtually unwrap.

By Occasion

Birthday, wedding, date night, or thank you: The first way to choose the perfect wrapping is to do so with the gifting occasion in mind. If it’s for a big bday celebration, go for a festive design that really spells it out or lets them blow out the candles. For a wedding gift, opt for florals. And for a date night, pay homage to the delish meal you’ll be grubbing on.


wrapping1     wrapping2


wrapping3     wrapping4-1

Date Night

wrapping5     wrapping6

By Destination

Maybe you’re sending your nieces a few kids gift cards for art lessons, or your man a styling session at Alton Lane or Balani Custom Clothiers. Keep in mind what the gift is for, and selecting a design will be a piece of cake (especially is you’re sending them to Duff’s).

Art Lessons

wrapping7     wrapping8

Suit Fitting

wrapping9     wrapping10

Sweet Treats

wrapping11     wrapping12

By Personality

She’s fashionable, he’s suave. She’s spunky, he’s got edge. You know your giftees almost as well as they know themselves, so consider their unique personalities, and choose a wrapping to match. They’ll appreciate the extra bit of thought.


wrapping13     wrapping14

Rico Suave

wrapping15    wrapping16


wrapping17     wrapping18

On Edge

wrapping19     wrapping20

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