Office birthdays can be kind of awkward if it’s the girl that works on the other side of the room that you only know from casual conversations by the coffee pot.

But you also don’t want to be the one person without a gift to drop on the table before fast-walking over to the free cake (because we all know it’s the reason everyone ran to the conference room anyway).

The easiest solution? Just send her a birthday gift card for work-related things. It’s how you know her best, after all.

Foursided – Chicago 


Given that she probably spends more time at her desk than she does at her house, a birthday gift card to Foursided for some desk decor is the perfect amount of thoughtful. Candles, pen sets, journals, prints, mugs… You name it and they have a stylish version of it.

The Dotted Line – Nashville


Yeah sure, there are iPads and phones that know your schedule better than you do, but who doesn’t love personalized stationery? For most work meetings, you need to take notes with good old pen and paper, so help make your coworker’s notes pretty with stationery gift cards from The Dotted Line. They’ll monogram or customize agendas, calendars, notepads, business cards, and so much more.

Meru Coffee Farms


Anyone with an office job loves coffee. Sorry, scratch that. Anyone ever to exist loves coffee. A gift card to Meru Coffee Farms will ensure that she’s stocked both at her desk and at home with—seriously—the best tasting coffee ever. The beans are sourced straight form Mt. Meru, Tanzania, so the taste is bold, authentic, and just so so good. Plus, it means more office coffee for you… Yum?

Giftbar of Choice

a.k.a Giftbar’s universal gift card that can be used at any local boutique of her choosing. Because in the end, you don’t really know what she wants. Aaaand you’re probably only going to remember to get a gift at the last minute when you smell the cake. But hey, who can blame you? It’s free cake.

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