We all know that college graduate that’s finally taking a big ol’ step into the real world. They have their first big boy/big girl job with a desk, a new apartment with in-unit laundry (!!!!!!), and their whole lives ahead of them. They deserve graduation gifts to toss their cap to.

And you deserve to give a gift without the hassle, but with a tassel.

For Him

That suit circa 2006 bar mitzvah season may have gotten him the job, but it’s time for an upgrade suitable for the big-shot working man he is. Seize sur Vingt in Soho is a men’s clothier specializing in custom-made menswear for the young and fashionable. From the jacket, to the pants, to the oxfords and his new signature pocket square, he’ll be outfitted by the best of the best with this men’s gift card. We see a promotion in this fella’s future.

For Her

Pearls, pearls, pearls. They’re a keepsake that she’ll wear forever to remember a day she could never possibly forget. Whether she chooses a necklace, a gorgeous pair of studs, or freshwater bracelet, a Bourdage Pearls gift card is a classic, stunning, and so-special way to say congratulations.

For the Traveler

There’s no better time than post-grad summer to take that trip across Europe. Yes, it’s expensive. And yes, they do need to find a job and an apartment. But come on, they deserve a little bit of a vacation. So while you may not be willing to fork over the cash for a plane ticket, a graduation gift card to Irv’s Luggage will get them one step closer to crossing the pond.

For the Leaser

Sure. Maybe a college apartment is allowed to be a bit disorganized, a little messy, and a lot mismatched. But this graduate’s first pad is their pride and joy. Say goodbye to the sunken couches, the wobbly tables, and the twin beds, because they’re moving on up. With a home decor gift card to Classic Remix in Chicago, your grad can decorate their digs the way they’ve always wanted: stylishly.

For the Worker

She’s got her own desk, her own office coffee mug, and her very own job title. Now it’s time to let the world know. Send her to Lavender & Mint for custom designed couture business cards that she can hand out at the office, on business trips, at conferences, and to her friends… Because they’re just that pretty and she’s just that proud. You go, girl.

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